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The Human Soul Research and Resources

The Human Soul Research and Resources

Welcome to The Voice Of The Silence – your home for research and resources about the human soul.


Here we explore why the soul journey and the transmigration of souls are the cornerstones of spiritual work. Moreover, we look at the reasons for soul pain. We also address possible remedies for that pain. In doing so, we will discuss the concept of “the night of the soul”. And how it instigates soul-searching and awakening.


Most importantly, together we will gain insights into the significance of self-reflection and understanding. These aspects of soul-searching are vital for the healing of the human soul. Self-knowledge is essential for countless reasons and can be of service to anyone on a soul journey. This is because it often determines whether your spiritual work will succeed or fail. However, other factors like practice, guidance, and persistence are also important.


“Even ignorance is better than Head-learning with no Soul-wisdom to illuminate and guide it.” Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence, Page 43. 


In conclusion, a gazing into the depths of your mind, body, and soul can be challenging. But it can get easier with access to the right resources. That is because the awakening of the human soul is a gradual process. As a result of this process, you will fully understand who you are.


We know that different stages of soul-searching call for unique resources to guide us. With this in mind, we invite you to look through our articles, eBooks, and meditation recordings. We hope that you will find what you need right now. Here are some resources to help with your self-discovery and make your navigation here easier. We also publish free videos on YouTube.

The Human Soul Resources

Voice Of The Silence Spiritual Toolbox For The Human Soul Includes Meditations, Books, And Courses

Soul Searching and Energy Healing Books

In this section, we would like to show you why we included the energy healing books to your spiritual toolbox. As we know, the words, whether they’re printed, spoken, or thought, have magic powers. This is why they can act as informed guides and help on your journey. Additionally, they can help you find the answers you are looking for. This can be especially crucial in times of self-transformation.


We all appreciate the time we spent pondering, meditating, listening, and reading. This is because these special moments can become bridges to enter the next phase of our personal quest for self-knowledge. Therefore, we believe that if you find the right book at the right time, a door can open within. Powerful words have the potential to aid our sacred goals.


Likewise, energy healing books can be an effective way to acquire clarity and well-being. Hence, we ask you to consider browsing our book selection. Then, if you discover a good book, use it to aid your sacred journey.

Mind, Body, and Soul Courses

We designed our Mind, body, and soul courses to help you expand your vision. With this in mind, our mindfulness selection offers useful information for beginners or advanced learners. We invite you to learn how to minimize that scattered feeling we all suffer from. This course also will give you practical tools to help get rid of wandering mental states. Likewise, you will learn to focus on the now and make every moment vital and vibrant.


Remember, when you gain insights into your mind, body, and soul, you grow. We know that the human soul always listens and interacts with you. It takes in whatever you feed it, for better or for worse. Because mindfulness can teach you how to listen to your self, you will become more aware of your internal dialog. Many sages and healers view mindfulness as the foundation of the inner work. 


As a final point, the Voice Of The Silence course is flexible. You can spend a few minutes a day or longer to gain long-lasting, useful knowledge. Why not learn the finer points of self-healing, meditation, and mindfulness with a self-paced course?

Guided Healing


Guided Healing Meditations

Guided meditations can be healing and uplifting. When you take in the sound of another person’s voice, it is often transformational. Your meditation guide often speaks from a high vibrational space. Hence, when you resonate with that voice, your vibration is raised to the level of your guide.


Guided meditations are easy to follow. First, sit in a comfortable position and open your mind to guidance. Then, meaningful words can guide you to healing. They can show you how to move from a state of dense to higher energy. At the end of the meditation, you feel and think positively. The Voice Of The Silence healing meditations is designed to guide you on your soul searching journey. Therefore they have to help you gain a deeper connection and understanding of yourself.


Additionally, our meditations can help if you want to cleanse your inner world of impediments. The concept is simple. Become still and receive guidance. Follow the suggestions as they’re given. The result might surprise you.


To conclude, we invite you to consider trying one or two of the listed meditations. You might be amazed at the raw energy they can bring. Please remember that everyone receives things differently, so feel free to experiment. Find a suitable guided healing meditation and venture into your depths.

We hope you will enjoy Voice Of The Silence resources. Because we created soul searching and energy healing books, guided meditations, and mind, body, soul courses to help you on your journey. Additionally, please have a look at our The Human Soul Research articles.

The Human Soul Research

Our articles cover a vast range of topics, and we aim to continue our research and constantly add new items. Our work includes diverse topics, foundational concepts.

Here are a few topics we cover: ConsciousnessDark Night Of The SoulHow To Cleanse Your SoulNon-Physical Realities, and Intuition and Psychic PowersIf you would like to read more about those subjects, please visit the Voice Of The Silence Topics page.


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