Akashic Reading and the Soul

The Akashic Reading for these with a Pure Heart

Far beyond the astral plane, a tremendous Akashic knowledge repository exists between spaces at the core of the reality matrix. Akasha is here, where every event and thought that has arisen in someone’s mind is stored. The entire moment-by-moment history of your and everyone else’s Soul is kept here, along with all the victories, defeats, karmic debts, and pain of every individual ever to have lived. The Fifth Dimension is a chronicle of every thought, action, and word that has ever come into being. This universal archive is known as the Akashic Records. The Records can be accessed by those who learn to reach beyond space and time and interpret its words during the Akashic Reading.

Book, watch and pan - tools for Akashic reading

Soul Records in the Akashic

What exactly are the Akashic Records, and where can you find them for Akashic Reading? In Sanskrit, Akasha means aether, sky or total energy. The Akashic Records is just one name for the near-infinite compendium of the universe’s history recorded on the energetic fabric of reality itself. Many cultures had access to this register, calling it by different names. Moreover, they used its information to help guide people through the turbulent sea of history.

We often think about the Akashic Records as the universe’s DNA. Therefore, it contains instructions that tell energy how to organize itself into the matter. Then, matter into molecules and molecules into stars, planets, oceans, forests, sandy beaches and life in all shapes and sizes. Additionally, Akasha encodes the same chemistry, biology and physics rules that help shape the world around us.

While this concept is incredible, it barely scratches the surface. The Akashic Records is more than just a giant instruction manual for the universe. It also contains the framework for our body, mind and Soul. Akasha has encoded in it all the feelings, thoughts and actions we’ve taken and experienced throughout our many lives on this planet; The Records also store the personal information known as our Karma.

We understand that we “download” our previous Karma into our physical and energetic body at birth. According to the original design, this download was necessary for the development and unfolding of our current lives. As we live this life, we pile additional data into our Soul record. All this data is “uploaded” to our Higher Self and the Akashic Records when we pass on. Thus helping to determine our next incarnation.

A Place with no Fear or Judgment 

The Akasha is a place of the Soul that contains no ego or fear. It is not a judgmental record and doesn’t imply good or bad. The Records simply retell the story of everything that has happened, from the physical to the energetic. To understand Akashic Records during the Akashic reading, you must have a basic grasp of the five dimensions. From lowest to highest, they include: 

  • First Dimension: the mineral kingdom, the most basic building blocks of material existence.
  • Second Dimension: physical plane: animals, plants, the elements and spirits.
  • Third Dimension: the physical world, full of ego and fear; our earthly world.
  • Fourth Dimension: the astral plane. Light and dark exist on this magical plane.
  • Fifth Dimension: Akasha, the soul place. There is no ego, fear or suffering here. This is where the Akashic Records are stored.

As water flows from high to low, so does energy flow from the fifth Dimension down to the first Dimension, influencing and moulding everything in its path.

History of the Akashic Records

The first direct reference to the Akashic Records in the West was by theosophist Helena Blavatsky. She learned about the Akashic Reading from mystic Tibetan masters during her travels worldwide. These masters taught her how to access the history of the universe recorded in the Akasha: the element of spirit in the Eastern five-element system.

We understand that the fifth element corresponds with the fifth dimension. According to Eastern philosophy, it is the source of physical reality, the place from where all of existence emerges. The Akasha is equivalent to the Tao as well, of which Laozi wrote:


“Nameless, it is the Source of Heaven and Earth. Named, it is the Mother to the Ten Thousand Things.”


Additionally, fellow Theosophist Henry Olcott expounded on the importance of Akasha in his book “A Buddhist Catechism”. There he wrote that the Buddha taught that only two things are eternal, Akasha and Nirvana. Therefore, everything else emerges from Akasha and returns to it, following the rules therein. According to Olcott, early Buddhists believed that once humankind achieved a higher level of enlightenment, we would also be able to read these detailed records that determine the very functioning of the material universe. Moreover, some have likened the Akashic Records to the Judaic concept of the Book of Life. This book stores the names and deeds of the righteous for all eternity.

The Akashic Reading – Why Read the Records?

Imagine finding yourself in a deep meditative state. Your physical eyes may be closed, but your mind’s eye is wide open. Then, a massive bookshelf materializes in front of you. Of course, you instinctively reach out your hand and grasp a book. Here you can see a tremendous hefty tome with your name engraved on the cover. Right away, you flip through it and find your story on each page. Unfortunately, the surprise of finding the chronicles of your own life here breaks your meditative focus, and your awareness returns to your body.

While this is just an example, the truth is that the Akashic records are open to all. Therefore, anyone with a pure heart, determination, and knowledge can access this universal library. But why would you want to? The reason is – the records of all of your past are here, in the primordial energy of the Akasha. This means that we can find accounts of every success, every failure, and each experience that has shaped our Karma.

For most of us, it is easy to follow the path of causality in our present life. Therefore, we can recognize how our experiences during our present life affect who we are and how we feel. However, it can be harder to accept that the events we’ve lived through in previous lifetimes also strongly influence us now. Yet, this is the truth, and these dark influences can sometimes leave us crippled in fear and anxiety. That can happen as we fail to understand why self-made obstacles riddle our lives. Nonetheless, the Akashic Reading can help us see where our energetic imbalances come from. And then heal them.

Way Forward with the Akashic Reading

The Akashic Reading offer a way forward: The path of self-discovery. Looking into our deep past allows us to clean our “house”. When we recognize the pain or fear that our Soul has been holding on to, it becomes possible to release the feelings and beliefs hindering our ability to develop into a glowing reflection of our Higher Self.

When we internalize negative thoughts, they hurt like a thorn. They also can manifest as obstacles, anxiety, depression, pain and disease. Unfortunately, the longer we’ve ignored the root cause of our issues, the more they hurt us. Please remember that the more lifetimes we’ve failed to address the Soul pain, the more solidified it becomes in our energy body.

Yet when we delve into the Akashic for the Akashic Reading, we’re presented with an opportunity to get connected to our Higher Self. As a result, we better understand that our pain is not us. This awareness of what we truly are helps to pinpoint the aspects of our psyche that have driven us astray from our true potential. In addition, when faced with the knowledge of our past selves, we can address the pain and fear we’ve allowed to take root in our souls for too long.

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