Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Healing, Pain Body and the Akashic Records Reading

If you are interested in akashic records reading, it’s most likely because you want to learn more about yourself. Or you are looking for ways to understand the concept of Akashic healing. For example, if you suffer from emotional or mental pain, you may suspect that energetic imbalances cause this pain. Furthermore, these energetic imbalances often are rooted in their previous lifetimes. So if you are interested in learning how to access the Akashic Records to read your soul’s history and discover the energetic roots of your discomfort, you’ve come to the right place. The Akashic records for beginners is a short guide to answer your questions.

Map, candle, magnifying glass for Akashic Records reading

The Akashic Records are understood to be the divine hall of record. Accessing the records exposes us to all human emotions, thoughts, and intent from the past to the present and beyond. Hence, the Akashic Records can potentially answer many perplexing questions. Therefore, we can glimpse into past life events by uncovering this information. We also can understand hidden factors affecting our well-being during this lifetime.

Of course, the skills we teach here aren’t meant for everyone. But if you are receptive to this information, it can help you develop an awareness of our reality. As a student of the healing arts, you can gain access to the vast library of spiritual knowledge. But please remember that gaining access to the Akashic Records is only part of the greater spiritual journey that we are all on.

Akasha – Akashic Records for Beginners

Many beginner healers find themselves struggling to work with and feel cosmic energy. This struggle limits their skills of akashic healing and hinders their development. No matter how much they try, something doesn’t click. This doesn’t have to be you, though!

Just how does someone go about accessing these Akashic Records? Doing so involves moving your awareness from the Third Dimension. Those who have reached the Akashic Records relate a variety of experiences. For some, especially those astrally projecting to the Akasha, it presents itself as a Great Hall. In this literal library, the individual can peruse through millions of books containing the collective history of our universe. In addition, visitors have claimed to meet many other beings from all over the universe while at the Akashic Hall of Records, all on a similar mission of learning and discovery.


Let us walk you through the techniques of accessing your Soul’s record in the Akashic Records. 


The etheric or Akashic Records catalogue our every thought, word, deed and feeling, whether from past, present or future lifetimes. The Akashic Hall of Records is a well-guarded place; only those with the highest intent and purpose can access it. Sometimes, you can’t access the records of others, especially if you have a close relationship with them.

You can get to the Records through different altered states of consciousness. For example, we can start the Akashic records reading with a mental projection where you see images or talk to a Spirit guide. We also can access the information via clairvoyance or clairaudience, where we ask questions, and then we’ll either know or hear the answer. Another way to get the answers from the Akashic Library is via the subconscious, using a pendulum.

Other Methods of Reading

However, there are other ways to access Akasha. Especially when it comes to accessing your own record, it is possible to rely on your intuition. Our Soul history is encoded into our physical and energy bodies at birth. Looking inward, we can learn to “read” this record without leaving our physical bodies. To do this, we need to cultivate a still, quiet mind through which our Higher Self can communicate with our third-dimensional ego self. We embark on a transformation journey when we learn to listen and act upon our intuition.

Either method of the Akashic records reading needs a lot of practice, mindfulness and spiritual discipline. If you choose to look into the Akashic Records on your own, it is essential to approach the task with a tranquil, meditative mindset and a clear intention. Don’t let the distractions of the world around you and the worries of your ego mind dull your ability to hear or see what your Higher Self is trying to tell you. You must learn to see with your mind’s eye and listen with your heart if you want accurate information. It would help if you also were open to the information you receive without judgment. You may find that what you are given is not always pleasant and may reveal actions that make you ashamed. If this occurs, developing compassion for yourself and humankind is beneficial.

Akashic Healing

Some people can access the Akashic Records on their first try. For others, the Akashic records reading may take days, weeks or even months of effort. Don’t let yourself feel disappointed if it takes you some time. Approach the process as mental play without expectations, not as work or effort. Whether you view your Akashic Records yourself or get assistance from an experienced healer, rest assured that you will never be given any more or less information you need and can handle. These records contain the unique compendium of infinite lifetimes that your soul has lived through, and you are welcome to take in their knowledge. It is both your birthright and your destiny.

The Akashic Records are the ultimate source of cosmic knowledge. It is a complete database of every thought, action and reaction that has occurred since the beginning of time. In addition, these records contain information regarding the Karma of all living things. Including information on how past Karma is currently affecting your life experience. By opening your mind to receiving information from this spiritual Dimension, you’ll better understand the Karmic causes of your discomfort. And this can be the beginning of your akashic healing journey.

Spiritual Protection

We always risk encountering negative entities when we do psychic work. This is especially true when we do the reading of Akashic records and healing. They can even attempt to mislead us with incorrect or harmful information. This can especially happen if we access the Records via the subconscious without engaging the Higher Self.

  A Psychic Network.

The safest way to access Akashic information is through a psychic network. This network links our conscious mind to the subconscious and the Higher Self. This way, we can access the actual Soul record from that place of truth and safety.

Here are some essential steps you can take to make sure you don’t attract negative attention:

  • Keep your body as clean as possible by avoiding alcohol and drugs. These substances can attract negative entities and thought forms into your working space.
  • Set up a sacred space and psychic protection around yourself and your environment. This will reduce the possibility of negativity interfering with your work.

These measures, of course, are not by any means exhaustive. Nevertheless, this short Akashic records for beginners guide is a first step to learning more about spiritual protection.

We hope that this Akashic Records for beginners guide answers some questions for you about the Akasha and Akashic healing.

Begin the Journey

If you’re ready to begin this journey of self-discovery, download our Akashic Reading Lesson. The Akashic records reading lesson contains a wealth of knowledge to help you on the path of mindfulness, intuition and spiritual development. Whether you’re just getting started or have been walking this path for a while, you’ll find the inspiration and knowledge to help you manifest your Higher Self and True Will for your life.