Akashic Records

Finding the Secrets to Your Universe the Akashic Records

Akashic Records are mysterious. Imagine an akashic field that contains all of the universe’s secrets. All the events, life forces, experiences, emotions, thoughts, spirits and energies have been imprinted in the akashic library since the creation of the universe. What if you could access these “akasha records”, learning what the universe has planned for your spirit and how to reach a higher state of consciousness and spirituality? That would be pretty amazing, right?

This is the concept behind the Akashic Records, an ephemeral astral light that has imprinted upon it the entirety of all human experience, on earth and in the universe. It’s not a new concept; dozens of religious philosophies include their version of this idea. In Christianity, for example, the Book of Life is similar. However, this isn’t the information that is only accessible to healers, philosophers and religious leaders. According to esoteric and Theosophic thought, this vital knowledge is available to anyone who reaches a certain level of consciousness. It is the ultimate pathway for clairvoyance.


What is Akashic Field?

Sometimes it helps to know the origin of a concept, so we’ll give a brief overview of our current-day use of the term “Akashic”. The name relates to the ancient Sanskrit word “akasha”, meaning “ether”, and the Hindi word for “heaven”. Akasha became part of the Western lexicon in the late 19th century through the writings of Alfred Percy Sinnett, who included a reference to the Buddhist concept of a “permanency of all records in Akasha”. 

To understand the true nature of the Akashic Records, we must first grasp what Akasha means. Akasha is a Sanskrit word that can be translated in a few different ways: sky, aether or space, to name a few. In Vedantic Hinduism, Akasha is used to describing the primordial substance of the universe from which all things were created and to which everything eventually returns. In other words, the Akashic field is a dimension beyond space and time that contains the blueprints for all existence. 

You can think of Akasha as the universe’s DNA. The Akashic Library contains the instructions for how each and every molecule, atom or quantum of energy should behave to manifest existence as we know it. Along with this information, all the feelings, thoughts and actions of every living being that has ever existed are also encoded in the Akashic Records book, making it the most comprehensive historical record ever. Moreover, as the Akasha is a timeless dimension, its records contain information on what we would consider future events.

Man is looking to the Akashic Records in a sky

How Can You Grow From Accessing Akasha Records?

At the end of the day, we all work for the Universe. But, we also have “soul contracts” with others. The Akashic field can reveal what we need to know about those contracts. This information in the Akashic library can help our health, relationships, careers and other important life events. The Universe’s plan for us isn’t set in concrete, though. In all ways, though, the Akashic Records reveal our greatest potential and options. This is reassuring and motivating information to have when you’re contemplating a life change.

The information we find in the Records is invaluable for many reasons. First, most people want to know either about their past lives. Second, we all want to know about the future. And, of course, many are interested in the best ways to navigate the present or seek help in their current situation.

Looking into past lives can uncover repeating patterns and better understand your Karma. However, most people don’t realize that past life events can create energetic trails that travel through time and space. These energies can still profoundly affect their present, strongly influencing their health, happiness and well-being. As a result, sometimes people struggle with physical or mental challenges they can’t seem to overcome; In some cases, the energetic source of these difficulties may stem from a past life event.

How Do You Access the Akashic Library?

The universe holds the destinies and purpose of each soul in the Akashic field containing thousands of individual books. The Akashic Records chronicle every moment of your soul’s history. You can think of them as the soul’s database or as the book of life. There are many ways to access this divine knowledge. For some, meditation is an excellent way to begin accessing Akashic knowledge.

Whether aware of it or not, a genuine psychic will have subconscious or conscious access to the records. The akashic field is “located” beyond physical space and time. This is why a psychic can access past events and see the most likely outcomes of the future.

The Akashic Records are open to everyone. But psychics are either born with innate abilities to access this information or have developed the capacity to do so through years of spiritual discipline. Psychics may access this information in various ways. One way to do this is through clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is an extrasensory ability to see images of the events in question in their mind’s eye. Psychics may also hear voices or sounds in their mind’s eye, called clairaudience. Or they possibly even simply “know”, a skill called clairsentience. These are only a few possible methods by which they may receive information.

Challenges In Accessing Akashic Records

There are some challenges in acting on the information received through psychics. First, some information can be difficult to interpret correctly. Also, often, the information obtained can be minimal. Perhaps only a tiny flash of a much larger scene or series of events is received. It’s then up to the psychic to piece together what they perceive. This can be challenging and often cause people to question the psychic’s abilities if they don’t get clear-cut answers.

However, with enough practice and discipline, psychics can strengthen their connection to the Akashic Records and clearly perceive past, present and future events. After all, the information was always current in the Akashic Records. It was just the “quality of the connection”, so to speak, that needed correcting.

Every event that has ever occurred is accurately recorded in this Akashic dimension. Some advanced practitioners can astrally project to the Akashic “library” and perceive the information they’re looking for written out in books. Most psychics, however, access the Akashic Records more instinctively. They’ll have strong “gut feelings” about certain things, like emotional solid aversions or attractions to people, places or things. They may also receive information in their dreams or when in a relaxed state of mind, such as meditation.

Other Ways To Reach The Akashic Field and Akasha Records

There are many ways to gain access to the Akashic Records. While some techniques take extensive training and practice, others are simpler and well-suited for beginners. For example, it’s possible to reach the Akashic Records by astrally projecting into them, intentionally or during a near-sleep state of mind. 

When accessing your records, the simplest way is to trust your own body’s innate wisdom. Then, you can learn powerful techniques that link you directly to the history of your past lives stored in your energy field. Once you master these techniques, you can develop the skills you’ve learned to reach beyond your energetic records and access the complete database of the Akasha, allowing you to perceive the Karmic past of your friends and clients.

You can find more about the Akashic Records and the ways to access them in the books and meditations below.