Cleansing of the Soul with Water Alchemy

Cleansing of the Soul, Mind and Body Using Water Alchemy 

Water alchemy can help us tap into the subconscious and start the cleansing of the Soul, mind and body of impurities. By giving the instructions to your subconscious to cleanse your Soul and begin a mind detox, you can start this process. Remember that the easiest way to access the subconscious mind is with messages imprinted on images.

We already know the wonders that the conscious mind can create. But, believe it or not, the subconscious mind, which dwells beneath the conscious one, is even more powerful. Scientific studies have shown that before your explicit desire to act, there is a measurable burst of activity in the brain. This indicates that our conscious mind is less in control than we believe. Therefore, real strength and growth come when we learn to harness the incredible potential of our hidden, unconscious selves. Since alchemy is transforming the self, we can start that process with the power of the subconscious.

Accordingly, we can remove body and Soul blockages and mental paralysis with alchemy, including water alchemy.

cleansing of the soul with water alchemy

Why Do You Need to Cleanse Your Soul?

Picture one of your most recent social experiences. When you walked into the room, how did you feel? Did you instantly feel light, surrounded by happy people? Or did you walk in and feel low and depressed, despite a façade of happy faces? That emotion you sense instantly is an example of one of the most experienced non-physical energies: positive or negative emotions.

Non-physical energies are the ones we can’t see or touch but often sense. They can be negative or positive. As you can imagine, positive non-physical energies are usually helpful and good for us; negative energies are not.

Even if you can’t sense these energies, they can still affect you. This is because our energy fields and our Soul are picking up and hanging on to energies around us. The people, beings, and spirits around us generate negative and positive energies. The bombardment of these non-physical energies affects our moods, emotions, subtle bodies, energy centres, and physical bodies. Therefore cleansing of the Soul and mind detox is imperative to stay balanced.

Cleansing of the Soul and Mind Detox with the  Reprogramming the Subconscious

Our Souls, too, can be affected by negative energies. Remember, a Soul consists of our negative and positive attributes, which form our character. Our thoughts, qualities, passions, and habits create our temperament. Hence, a man’s temperament influences his character, and both together create the emanation of the Soul or aura.

The subconscious is also a property of the Soul. Therefore, you can do both: cleanse your Soul and cleanse your mind by working with the subconscious mind. But you must follow some rules during this process. For example, the subconscious needs time and space in the material world for manifestation. Please remember that the subconscious stores all the information about you and your environment. It also retains all your negative patterns and habits. To reprogram your subconscious, you need to imprint new information on it. But if this information conflicts with the old patterns, the subconscious will reject it and revert to the old ways.

Therefore, to teach the subconscious new habits, you first must withdraw time and space from it. This way, the subconscious won’t have an opportunity to decide whether to manifest an old pattern or follow the new directions you give it.
The best way to instruct your subconscious to cleanse your mind is with direct messages imprinted on images. The same can be done to start the cleansing of the Soul.

Man head in a cloud, a person performing mind detox, cleanse your mind

Water Alchemy and Cleansing of the Soul with Chamomile Images

Cleanse your mind – Cleanse your Soul

Both Water Elemental and Chamomile have cleansing and calming properties. Hence, meditating on their images can improve the cleansing of the Soul. Including water and Chamomile in other cleansing rituals are also beneficial. For example, you can combine cleansing of the Soul meditations with baths, aromatherapy, and Chamomile tea ceremonies. They will enhance an intensify the detox for the soul. However, this is just one example of how elements and plants work together. So, please feel free to pick any other images to facilitate your mind detox and the detox for the Soul.

Bottles and herbs for water alchemy

Why use Chamomile for the Cleansing of the Soul?

Health Benefits

Behold the Old World, rich with herbal remedies, spices, and goods couriered across the Silk Road and via daring shipping adventures. Traders stopped at villages from Greece and Turkey to Pakistan, India, and China, bartering their goods and bringing exciting new treasures home. Chamomile was part of this Old World life, a medicinal plant that is one of the oldest known and well-documented herbal medicines known to man. Traditional healers in Europe, India, and western Asia used the herb to dispel inflammation and treat wounds, chickenpox, poison ivy, eczema, neuralgia, haemorrhoids, and many other complaints and illnesses.

Today, chamomile is just as prized as it was centuries ago, adding a soothing touch to tea, skin lotions, shampoos, massages, and aromatherapy. So, if you haven’t experienced the calming pleasure of camomile tea, now’s a good time to try it.

Improving your health with various Chamomile uses will make cleansing of the Soul more balanced. 

Spiritual Benefits

Some of the same properties that make Chamomile terrific for physical and emotional health also make Chamomile a natural aid for your spiritual work. For example, the calming nature of the herb ensures you can meditate more peacefully and seek your truth in a clear, focused manner. This is one reason why Chamomile is excellent for cleansing of the Soul and generally water alchemy. Also, the cheerful feeling brought about by Chamomile helps you to feel optimistic and ready to reach new levels of spiritual awareness.

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