Energy Therapy Consultation

Is Energy Healing for me?

An Energy Therapy consultation can be beneficial for everyone. Intuitive energy healing is when a practitioner examines a client’s energy fields during meditative states. Then they suggest vibrational healing practices to the client. Although typically, a practitioner won’t manipulate clients’ energy using their skills for ethical reasons. But instead, recommend the best methods to follow.

Above all, healing is a process that requires commitment from the healer and the client. Yes, healing is almost beyond belief, a magical alchemical process. But it doesn’t happen with a swing of a magic wand. Instead, intuitive healing brings relief, joy and well-being to those who are determined to take an energy healing journey. Therefore, that journey always leads to vibrant wellness and deepened self-knowledge.

An Energy Therapy consultation is for everyone. However, vibrational healing is especially valuable in the following situations:

A mystical vessel on water representing Energy Healing as A Journey

1. Know Thyself – knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Energy Therapy can help if you are ready to learn more about yourself. When we know ourselves, we can apply this knowledge to all areas of life. As a result, we also can see the big picture. Therefore, seeing how our life unfolds over time, we can understand its logic. Thus, we can forecast the manifestation of specific issues. Consequently, this “road map” makes our lives more manageable.

Moreover, learning more about yourselves can help us solve complex issues. We also can get the answers to important questions. Undoudfully, self-knowing helps achieve great success in spiritual development and life. Additionally, self-knowledge is also a powerful tool for understanding those around you. Thus, it helps to develop our natural abilities and find harmony in relationships.

2. The Universal Laws – Karma, Reincarnation, Law of Attraction, Law of Polarity, Law of Vibration, and other universal laws in Energy Therapy

Secondly, energy therapy is invaluable for those interested in understanding their karma. Because Universal laws are always unchangeable, we will struggle until we understand our karmic issues. We can be under the control of karmic forces until we become aware and try to address them. Furthermore, karmic forces can affect people physically, emotionally or spiritually.

3. Energetic Anatomy – The Astral Body, Etheric Body, and Soul Blueprint

Intuitive energy therapy can help you identify and release emotional blockages that may be causing your Soul pain. It can also provide a safe space for you to explore and heal your inner self.
Therefore, if your Soul is hurting, Intuitive Energy Therapy can provide the answers.

Moreover, energetic vibrational healing can help you create a sacred space within to heal. You can use this space to practice self-reflection and heal your pain. As a result of the healing process, you will become more open to accepting the love and kindness of others. Furthermore, you will then stop projecting your pain onto others. Thus, it will become easier not to make other people the object of your frustration, trauma, and unbalance. Most importantly, the intuitive healing process will help you stop creating more pain.

4. Spiritual and Intuitive Development and Energy Healing

Additionally, Energy Therapy is helpful if you are an HSP. Or an empath who wants to develop psychic abilities. Furthermore, the session is great if you are looking for your Soul tribe. Or need to get energetic support and more insights into your Soul’s journey. Moreover, if you are an Old Soul or a Healer looking for energetic help, vibrational therapy could also be for you.

What is Intuitive Energy Healing Therapy?

Most intuitive people are sensitive to energy vibrations around them. Thus, they can feel when something is energetically off. Therefore, a skilled intuitive healing practitioner can see your energy bodies. Additionally, they can feel if the bodies are out of balance or damaged. Then the healer can help you to restore the balance. Of course, different healing modalities use various methods in their work. Therefore, it is not unusual when a practitioner combines different techniques for better results.

Energy Healing Therapy in action Restores The Balance

What Is Pain Transmutation Energy Healing?

A Holistic, Investigative and Healing Process

Pain Transmutation is a Vibrational Healing method for the body and Soul. This modality is a twofold process. It includes step-by-step diagnostics as well as a healing process. First, I investigate the client’s energetic state. I do this with the help of intuitive and psychic abilities. Second, I mostly do my work in altered states of consciousness. These states include meditations and out-of-body experiences.

Second, I develop personal healing exercises for a client. I base my intuitive healing methods on Universal Laws. For the healing to be effective, I found it on Alchemical principles.

Depending on the client’s situation, I advise various healing methods. These may include: Mind Reprogramming an Emotional Detox. I aim to address the root causes of the client’s energetic unbalances. At the end of the process, I help them to balance the energy ecosystem.

Energy Healing Identifies External and Internal Stumbling Blocks And Recuring Challenging Issues

Sometimes we feel out of sorts without an apparent reason. Or constantly face dead ends or stumbling blocks throughout our lives. When that happens, we suspect energetic foul play. Pain Transmutation provides methods to find and remove negative energy. This negative energy can interfere with any energy body. Thus, creating barriers that stop harmonic energy flows through your systems.

 Vibration Therapy Helps You To Harmonise Physical, Mental and Emotional States

This intuitive healing modality doesn’t treat pain. This includes physical, emotional or mental distress. Instead, we address energetic root causes that manifest as physical, emotional or mental pain.

When the energy bodies are out of balance, they are weak. A weak human energy system is vulnerable to negative energies. In addition, non-physical entities can attach themselves to you. They can connect to your aura and physical body and cause harm. Pain Transmutation energy therapy addresses all these issues.

What to expect during the Intuitive Energy Therapy Healing process you are ordering?

On line energy therapy session

I conduct all the healing work remotely. After you place your order, you will receive an email confirming your order. In the second email, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire. I need this information to start working on your energetic profile. Please return your questionnaire as soon as possible, within three days.

You will receive a full report of 20-60 pages within a week. The length of the report depends on the complexity of your profile. It also depends on the kind of consultation you ordered.
This report will include my findings and recommendations. You can email me if you have any questions about the report.

If your order includes a video session, we will schedule it. 

I will complete your order after I answer 5-7 questions about the report. I will answer these questions by email or during the video session.

Energy Healing Method:

Step One:

The Pain Transmutation practitioner will email you a worksheet with the questions to answer.

Step Two:

After you return your answers to the Practitioner, they will preliminarily determine if you have any energetic imbalances.

Step Three:

The Practitioner will conduct the intuitive part of the work. That includes finding out what is causing your energetic distortion, which energy body holds the imbalance and where or how this imbalance originated.

Step Four:

The Practitioner will then access your Soul’s Record in the Akashic Records to confirm or deny their findings.

Step Five:

We will provide you with worksheets, written personalised exercises and copyrighted meditation videos. In most cases, the Practitioner will be able to determine when or how the original negative mental or emotional patterns were created. These findings will help you to bring awareness to the issue and allow you to create a space to be present with your pain body in new ways, gaining a complete understanding of how to heal it.

Step Six:

Depending on the consultation you ordered, you can exchange emails with your Practitioner or schedule a video conference to clarify any relevant issues.

What to do while you are healing?

Healing from pain, trauma, sadness and energetic imbalance is a conscious choice. You must decide that you deserve to live and feel free from pain and follow that decision through. The whole world is inside you: you will change your destiny by changing your perspectives. Understanding who you are and finding peace and balance in yourself will help you enjoy your company and the company of others like you. The gift of recognising yourself will make you realise others like you, so you never feel lonely.

Make sure you follow your vibrational healing practitioner’s instructions and practice daily, using the exercises created for you. Allow time for rest, quiet self-reflection and meditation. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Most importantly, remember that you are not alone in your Soul discovery journey, and you deserve love, compassion and understanding as much as everybody else.

What do you do after you complete the energy healing process suggested by the Practitioner?

Please remember that your Practitioner can help you to go through the healing process, but only you can face your inner demons and restore your energetic balance. We know that healing is done in layers, and we must continue to address the same issues until we get to the bottom of their root causes. Vibrational healing is a long process. After your Practitioner helps you clear the most profound energetic blocks, you need to keep working on less pressing issues. Sensing the universal connectedness of everything and accepting the eternal nature of the human spirit will make you feel at peace and recognize that everything is always well-balanced.

Diana De Foe

Healers and sages emerge from the darkness of their own soul’s pain after mastering vibrational healing and energy transmutation. They learn how to heal the trauma that negatively affects the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies and lowers energy vibrations. Once the vibration is balanced, their realities change, and they can help others to heal.

Diana De Foe is the founder and creator of the Pain Transmutation Modality. She is a mystic, a Soulful teacher and a healer, a proud mother and a stoic spiritual seeker and warrior. The Pain Transmutation course represents the pinnacle of years of esoteric study and intentional spiritual seeking in the higher realms. The end result is a life-altering, step-by-step system that has helped individuals and practitioners around the globe to remove and transform the pain blockages that have been keeping them or their clients miserable, trapped and paralyzed.


The Alchemical Journey and Energy Therapy

Diana’s entire life has been a journey that culminated in this course. But, she explains: “There is a moment when your life takes a different path.” For her, that moment came on a misty Melbourne morning as she was driving. Suddenly, she was compelled to pull to the side of the road and to gaze at a dawn sky so shatteringly lovely that it took her breath away and jolted her soul out of its stupor. “If I have to keep living the way I do, with a corporate job and a big house in the hills in a strange country that is not mine and with no meaningful connections to others, I would be better off not living at all,” she realized. “The pain of my Soul was so overwhelming that I could not breathe.”


Within months, Diana said goodbye to her existence of outward success but inner emptiness and embarked on her life’s work. Since age three, she knew she was intuitively connected to the spirit world in ways most people found difficult to access. However, she put her gifts on the back burner and decided instead to follow in her parent’s footsteps and become a barrister. Never quite settled or fully happy, she lived on several continents as she climbed the ladder to material success. But now all had changed, and it was time to find her tribe, learn their wisdom, and teach her own.

Are you interested in becoming an Intuitive Energy Healer?

How good it feels to know that it is both extraordinary and natural to feel the energy and emotions of other people as if they were your own! Intuition is a muscle, and we can develop and strengthen it. Do you remember how great it felt to listen to your intuition and to notice it was getting stronger?

Remember that the final stage of healing is when you are ready to use what happens to you to help others.

If you want to join other Pain Transmutation practitioners and become an Intuitive Energy Healer, please enrol for The Pain Transmutation Course or apply for The Pain Transmutation Scholarship.

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Remember that knowing something without awareness of where this knowledge comes from is a gift, not an ailment. So if you are lost in the crowd, remember how good it feels to follow your soul. So lose the crowd and join your soul tribe.

Thank you

We offer a 24-hour cooling-off period after your payment. It may be possible to request a refund after that period, but before you submit the answers to the Pain Transmutation questionnaire. However, this may incur an administration fee.

Please consider all the aspects of your order before placing it. Under no circumstances can you request a refund or cancellation after the work on your session has started or we have completed the reading. Please understand that your dislike of the session methods or results is not a valid reason for a refund. We respect your right to receive energetic help from us and ask you to respect our time and effort in providing that help.

The Pain Transmutation™ modality effectively promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing through esoteric alternative holistic means. However, this modality is not guaranteed sufficient intervention for some health-related problems. In addition, please note that this modality is not a substitute for physical, psychological or mental medical treatment.

We recommend seeking medical and professional care to anyone expressing a concern or illness, as this is an integral part of any holistic approach. Esoteric help is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment but can complement other forms of therapy. The information contained or provided to the client is not given or intended as a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Diana De Foe is not engaged in rendering professional or medical advice.

How is the cost of the session calculated?


When you take time and effort to apply ALL the suggestions given to you after the session, you will rapidly progress on your Soul’s Vibrational healing journey and won’t need to go from one healing practitioner to another for a “second opinion”;


Diana De Foe gained her expertise in healing arts through decades of studying ancient texts, deep self-reflection, teaching and providing vibrational healing sessions to others. As a result, she is well-equipped to provide the information you need to start a healing journey and hold a space for you to self-reflect.


Diana De Foe’s time is precious. Between teaching, writing, filming, and giving to others, including strangers, her Soul tribe members and her own family, her busy schedule allows for a limited number of sessions to be taken on. Additionally, Diana De Foe treats each session with great respect for the client and attention to detail. Working on each reading, preparing a vibrational healing plan and answering client questions can take hours and spread over a week.


Diana De Foe’s fees are equally divided and distributed between *Her salary to cover living expenses, such as food & shelter for herself and her family; *The Pain Transmutation team’s salary to keep the websites and other parts of the business running smoothly; *Marketing expenses, to help you find us; *Numerous taxes and charges;


You can mitigate the cost of the Energy Therapy session by:

  • Using free materials published on this website to learn how to use Intuitive Healing on yourself or your family.
  • Apply for our scholarship to take the Pain Transmutation training free of charge.
  • Purchase other Pain Transmutation courses or books of lower cost.


If you are determined to progress on your healing journey, options are always open.