Essential Oils for Positive Energy

Our health and energy are inextricably entwined with the universe’s many forms, from its four elements to its spiritual realm. This vital relationship is never more apparent than considering the plant kingdom’s contribution to our lives. The role of essential oils for positive energy in our quest for health and spirituality is undeniable. We find beauty, restoration, and aromatherapy energy in plants and flowers. This is because the kingdom of plants is the source of our most valuable essential oils. Pure essential and aromatherapy oils are nature’s link to vibrant life energies. They can also help us have more profound experiences during astral projection, meditation, and other energy work.

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Kingdom Plants, Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Positive Energy

“Consciousness sleeps in the stone, dreams in the plant, awakes in the animal, and slowly becomes aware of itself in man.” Pythagoras.

Why Are Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils Important?

To answer this question, consider what makes up pure essential oils first. These crucial oils contain volatile organic compounds. The compounds are responsible for each essential oil’s unique aroma. Further, they’re the agents that start the string of events that make essential oils so effective for your physical and subtle bodies.

Here’s how pure essential oils work when you smell them. First, the volatile organic compounds reach your nose, where your olfactory system takes them in. The olfactory system then communicates messages to your brain’s amygdala and hippocampus. These messages are based on volatile compounds the specific essential oil contains. But, we have yet to discover how these compounds activate the brain thoroughly. For instance, some scientists believe that essential oils interact with hormones or enzymes in the blood. While others are finding some evidence that essential oil stimulates or suppresses certain activities in the brain.

The result is the same, though, in that your body reacts to the pure essential oil smell. For example, some essential oils act as sedatives, while others improve your mental focus. Moreover, some release muscle tension, while others are energizers.

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Aromatherapy Energy Of Pure Essential Oil and Your Subtle Body

We also know that pure essential oil dramatically affects your subtle body‘s energy fields and centers. This is because the volatile compounds in essential oils have unique vibrational frequencies. Furthermore, these frequencies interact with your subtle body’s energy fields, chakras, and psyche. Hence, these frequencies can cleanse, heal, restore, and protect these energies in persuasive resonance. This resonance involves a synergistic communication between the person’s life force and essential oils’ plant life force.

As mentioned, each essential oil has its vibrational signature. Therefore, placing a specifically selected pure essential oil on an imbalanced chakra area allows the chakra’s energy to shift back into alignment.

So, why use Essential Oils for Positive Energy? To summarize, the combined effect of your subtle body’s response to aromatherapy essential oils’ positive energy and your physiological responses greatly benefits one seeking higher consciousness. Thus, because of its effectiveness, we often recommend aromatherapy to accompany meditation, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, and other soul-affirming activities.

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Using Aromatherapy Energy For Energy Work

Chakras are the energy wheels of your subtle body, the nexus of various energy fields or aura. Energy also flows from one chakra to the next, just as kundalini energy flows from the base of the energy “snake” to the head. Thus, keeping these energy pathways balanced and free-flowing is vital to your subtle body.

The first order of business, then, is to balance each chakra. For instance, a massage with essential oil blends is an excellent way to achieve this balance. This allows you to benefit from the aromatherapy energy for your subtle and physical bodies. But, of course, aromatherapy alone is also effective, as is yoga with aromatherapy.

Next, cleansing and restoring your whole-body energy fields, or aura, are also crucial to your subtle body energy. Again, aromatherapy energy plays a key role here. For example, you can make a cleansing aura spray with essential oils and water or place  essential oils for positive energy on a healing crystal or stone. In conclusion, meditation, simple aromatherapy, and yoga are as beneficial for your aura as your chakras.

For example, some of the benefits of aromatherapy energy for subtle body energy work include:

  • First of all, aromatherapy can relieve stress and fatigue
  • Next, when we use essential oils for positive energy, they alleviate emotional blocks
  • Moreover, essential oils can shift and realign your energy
  • Additionally, aromatherapy improves meditation
  • Finally, it heightens mental clarity and focus

Overall, the universe provides a bounty of wondrous resources to help you reach your potential for higher consciousness. Thus, using the bounty of the kingdom of plants to achieve deeper spirituality honors that gift.

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Aromatherapy Energy and Meditation

Aromatherapy energy also has many positive emotional and spiritual effects. For example, it elevates your mood, clears your mind, and allows you to focus. In addition, it heightens various spiritual activities, including Kundalini yoga and meditation.


Combined Forces of Aromatherapy Energy and Meditation

Aromatherapy is a powerful aid to meditation, especially if you take the time to choose your essential oils carefully. Each aromatherapy oil boasts unique attributes, making some helpful in protecting and grounding you, while others are ideal for motivating you to find a higher truth. There are countless benefits and options among the 200-plus aromatherapy oils in the world. So choose your aromatherapy oils to suit your goal for that day’s meditation, and you will experience excellent synergy.


Advice for Pairing Aromatherapy Energy and Meditation


  • Choose your method for aerosolizing the aromatherapy oil. Numerous aromatherapy device options include burners, warmers, diffusers, atomizers, misters, and vaporizers. You can also put a few drops in a bowl of steaming water. Some of these options are electronic and may disrupt or enhance your meditation, so consider this element as you choose your device.


  • Pair your meditation goal with your aromatherapy oil. Want to reach a deeper meditative state or breathe more deeply? Frankincense is a good choice for that. Want to spur your creativity? Try rose oil, which is also ideal for attaining greater spirituality because of its elevated vibrational frequency. Do you want to get to a calm, meditative state more easily? Lavender is often a good choice. Sandalwood is a perennial favorite for many practiced meditators because it cleanses and reduces stress and negative thoughts.


  • You can also mix some aromatherapy oils to blend with multiple meditation benefits. This is especially helpful if you meditate to align your chakra energy centers, cleanse and support your aura energy fields or relax more effectively.


  • Increase the benefits of aromatherapy energy and meditation throughout your day by placing a few drops of your selected essential oil on aromatherapy jewelry or other personal objects. Dab on an aromatherapy bracelet to enjoy relaxing whiffs as you dash to work. Put a drop or two on your scarf or handkerchief.


  • Get creative with your use of aromatherapy for meditation. Try several essential oils or blends to find the one that gives you the greatest meditation pleasure. Once you’ve found a unique oil blend and used it for a few meditations, simply smelling that familiar, relaxing scent can instantly calm you.
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Astral Projection Meditation And Aromatherapy Essential Oils

We all want to reach a higher state of consciousness, and astral projection is a goal for many of us. However, this fulfilling out-of-body experience requires deep meditation and relaxation, a clear intention to project your mind astrally, and a lot of practice.

For many, the difficulty in achieving astral travel is relaxing deeply while remaining sharp and focused mentally. Aromatherapy can be a good solution for this dilemma, mainly if the essential oils are selected specifically to aid relaxation, focus, and concentration.


What Are the Best Aromas and Essential Oils for Astral Projection?


  • Cinnamon essential oil protects and empowers you, giving you the safety support you may need if you are new to astral projection meditation. Cinnamon also helps you sharpen your focus, a critical skill in astrally projecting yourself.


  • Lemon essential oil stimulates and innervates your mind and your consciousness. This extra boost helps you reach those new experiences that astral projection meditation represents.


  • Frankincense is valid for astral projection meditation in many ways. The essential oil relieves negativity, expands your awareness, and protects and grounds you. These are all crucial effects for astral travel, but more interestingly, the oil also promotes transcendence and nurtures your ability to connect with your spirit guides. Having a spirit guide connection is extremely helpful to astral travel.


  • Lavender oil grounds and purifies you and promotes balance and protection. It’s useful for opening the third-eye chakra, which may also be helpful to the consciousness of your need for astral travel. Lavender is always an excellent meditation aid and assists with clairvoyance.


  • Jasmine essential oil is known for its ability to rouse psychic dreams, transcendence, visions, and astral projection meditation.


  • Sandalwood aromatherapy oil purifies and protects, both necessary benefits for astral travel. It, too, is known for its ability to foster astral projection.


  • Patchouli oil grounds you and dispels negativity, so you can attract the positive emotions and security you need to reach the higher states of consciousness required for astral travel. The oil also promotes your ability to self-hypnotize, a deep state of relaxation that encourages astral projection.
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Tips for Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Astral Projection Meditation 

  • First, be sure your subtle body is clear and vibrant. Reaching the positive space you need is difficult if you have negative emotions and blocked energy fields swirling around you. So meditate routinely to ensure you’re discarding negative energy and filling your being with positive emotions and energy. This frequent meditation also prepares you for astral travel because it trains your body to relax completely.


  • Form your intention and state it frequently and positively. Use affirmations to put your positive intentions into the universe and remind yourself that you can achieve this particular state. Meditate with aromatherapy while you repeat your affirmations for the greatest effect.


  • Select your aromatherapy oils to aid your travel. We’ve listed some helpful essential oils to amplify the benefit of aromatherapy. Place your chosen essential oils in a burner or diffuser, and place the aromatherapy device in your designated room for astral travel.


  • Start practicing. The more you practice, the more your physical body and psyche become accustomed to the ritual of preparing for astral travel. After each practice session, write down your experience in a journal. Occasionally, read back through your astral travel journal. This journal is helpful for several reasons. First, it helps you see your incremental progress. That’s important because learning to travel astrally can take some time, and it can be easy to become discouraged. A journal is also important because it allows you to see what works for you and what has distracted you in the past.


Overall, astral projection meditation can be an enriching experience. Read books and other travelers’ accounts for tips, ideas, and advice to progress on that journey. Above all, stay patient, as it may take a while to reach your astral travel goal.

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