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Etheric Body Meaning- The Hidden Element of Reality and the Fifth Element

What are the etheric body and etheric plane? Do etheric connections and etheric double exist? Humans have always been aware that the world they can see, hear, and touch does not explain their complete existence. Therefore, this understanding would become the catalyst for a search to define the missing element of reality. Thus, etheric energy meaning is often considered a cornerstone of esoterism.

Consequently, that hidden element and the mystery of the etheric meaning succeeded in consuming the minds of some of the world’s greatest thinkers. Furthermore, ancient and medieval sciences agreed that ether is the material that fills the Universe beyond earth’s atmosphere. Hence, etheric body meaning, as well as etheric meaning, became apparent with time.

Earlier, the Greek Philosopher Plato pointed to ether as the fifth element. According to Plato, combining the etheric double with the four terrestrial elements will explain the Universe’s workings. Additionally, several ancient theorists identified natural phenomena like gravity and light travel as evidence of ether events.

Afterwards, in the 19th century, most physicians looking into the etheric meaning concluded that ether was everywhere in the Universe. Hence, we understand that the etheric plane stores and transmits information and supports etheric connections. Etheric matter is such a foundational part of creation that many points to it as the source of all space and time. Today we stand on the shoulder of the esoteric giants. Therefore we enjoy clarity in what direction to take in examining etheric body meaning and etheric energy meaning.

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Infinity of the Etheric Plane and Etheric Energy Meaning

Our insight into etheric energy meaning deepens when we understand that there are no limits to what can occur on the etheric plane. Etheric matter connects and separates the dimensions that make up the universe. Therefore, we don’t doubt the stories about instant teleportation through the etheric plane. On the contrary, these accounts widen our cognizance of the etheric energy and body meaning.  Indeed, etheric energy is the spirit of all living things. Thereby once life ends, the etheric energy leaves the matter. This premise is fundamental in grasping etheric energy meaning. 

Moreover, the etheric plane bridges the physical and the astral planes. Hence, people with psychic abilities can visit and even work there. This short outline of etheric energy meaning begs the question of what role this field plays in healing.

Energy healers can access and work with both – the etheric plane and the astral. Psychics get information about the root causes of energetic unbalances from the Akashic Library, housed on the astral level. Most intuitive healers, on the other hand, prefer to work with the etheric body. Some can intuitively move the life force energy to clear the blocks and sever negative etheric connections. However, experienced healers, mystics, and sages dedicate their time to both planes. That work helps them to gain practiall insights into the etheric body meaning.

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Understanding the Etheric Body

Healers often meditate on the etheric body meaning and etheric energy meaning for practical reasons. Hence, we understand that the etheric body mirrors the energy system of the physical body. Furthermore, the etheric plane provides our physical bodies with the energy they need to function. Additionally, this energy system also supports our mental and emotional bodies. The interconnectedness between all three energy bodies allows them to communicate and work in concert with each other. This is, in broad terms, the etheric body meaning.

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Etheric Layers – The Seven Subtle Bodies:

Etheric layers create the auric body system (aura). The seven layers of the aura, or the subtle bodies, hold different energies and correspond to your body’s chakras.

  1. The Etheric Body: This Body is the first energetic layer, the closest to the physical body.
  2. The Emotional Body: The second layer provides energy and stores with all emotions.
  3. The Mental Body: The third layer is the mental body and supplies energy to support mind activities.
  4. The Astral Level: The fourth layer is home to spiritual beings and the Akashic Records.
  5. The Etheric Template Body: The fifth layer is associated with the physical body and holds the blueprint of the physical plane.
  6. The Celestial Body – The sixth layer is affected by the Celestial bodies and their movement – the sun, moon, planets, and stars.
  7. The Casual Body or Ketheric Template –  The seventh layer – contains all knowledge, codes, and possibilities for the physical and spiritual paths.

Energy healing occurs on the four lower levels of the aura. Therefore, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks in these bodies will also help to harmonize the rest of the subtle bodies. We hope that explaining the etheric layers will enrich etheric energy meanings.

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Energy Healing and Etheric Body

Energy healing begins with the basic knowledge of the etheric plane and the subtle bodies that represent the energy system of a physical body. The energy your physical body needs to experience the joys and pains of physical life originates in the ether and then integrates with your mental and emotional energy. These three intertwined systems are always connected and are constantly exchanging energy and information. Consequently, the whole energetic system suffers when one body is out of balance. You can read more about energetic healing in Voice of the Silence alchemical books. Additionally, if you require practical advice you can book an energy consultation here

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Etheric Body Meaning

In esoteric traditions, this body is vital or subtle and considered the first or lowest layer in the “human energy field” or aura. It is always in immediate contact with the physical body and connects the lower with “higher” bodies. Mystics of the past, such as Madame Blavatsky, C.W. Leadbeater, and Annie Besant, contributed to this knowledge. Walter John Kilner considered it a layer of the “human atmosphere,” which could be visible to the naked eye. According to Alice Bailey, it inhabits the etheric plane, which corresponds to the four higher subplanes of the physical plane.

The physical body’s energy is integral to the mental and emotional energy systems. The auric field that contains subtle bodies creates an energy field to allow each subtle body to connect to the physical body through the chakra and to provide the life force to the physical body via the meridian system. Each subtle body vibrates faster than the one before it. For example, the etheric body vibrates faster than the physical but slower than the emotional body.

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Etheric Body vs Astral Body

What Is The Difference Between The Etheric And The Astral Bodies?

The Etheric Body

  • It animates the physical body, and it is the energy system for the physical body.
  • It is the densest of all the energy systems.
  • It consists of: nadis, chakras, and an aura.


The Astral Body

  • It is the energy system that supports emotional life.
  • It has seven primary chakras and an aura.
  • The astral vehicle is the mode of travel that connects the material realm to the mystical.

Healing one subtle body without addressing energy imbalances in the astral body typically only produces temporary relief. Always go more in-depth and look at where and how spiritual or Soul imbalances have originated. Make sure to find and address the negative energy attachments to complete the healing process.

Esoteric symbol of the etheric bodies

The Etheric Double

What is an etheric double? The first layer of the etheric body is an Etheric double. Theosophical teachings define the etheric double as an invisible part of the physical body that forms the aura. This name refers to the fact this body is an exact duplicate of the body used by a person to navigate life in the physical realm.

This etheric double is a bridge between the physical and astral bodies. It does not leave the physical body during sleep; on the contrary, the etheric double actively participates in dreams. After the death of the physical body, the etheric double reportedly also decays.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, associated the etheric forces with the evolution of man and the cosmos. He also wrote that this etheric double supports the plant kingdom and supplies it with the life force.

A Rosicrucian, Max Heindel, thought this subtle body is composed of four ethers and promotes assimilation, growth, and propagation. He also wrote about the etheric double that “it is a counterpart of our physical body, molecule for molecule, and organ for organ, but it is of the opposite polarity. It is slightly larger, extending about one and one-half inches beyond the periphery of the physical body.”

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The Doctrine of the Subtle Body in the Western Tradition

The physical and etheric bodies occupy the same space. The separation of the two is the work of vibratory frequencies. Therefore, this body is the only one of the seven subtle bodies the human eye can detect.

When the eye catches its glimpse, it appears as a multi-coloured mass of pulsating force surrounding the physical body. Clairvoyants and some healers can detect the spikes of chi that it emits due to a person’s thoughts and feelings. We also can see it with the third eye or with the help of Kirlian photography.


Etheric Projection vs Astral Projection

What Is The Difference Between The Etheric And The Astral Projection?

Etheric Projection

  • We achieve the etheric projection in the awakened state.
  • It results from a conscious effort to separate from the physical body.
  • It is a projection into the next realm of existence.

Astral Projection

  • Astral projection is the term used to describe an out-of-body experience that can be intentional or non-intentional.
  • Non-intentional reasons an individual may experience an out-of-body experience include near-death experiences, trauma, illness, or the deprivation of food and water.
  • It is an out-of-body experience within this plane of reality.
  • Out-of-body experiences often begin with the traveller’s consciousness detaching from the body and observing their physical Self.

The stories of the many “worlds” discovered through astral projection have been well-chronicled throughout the ages. But the term has also been used to describe non-physical travel that does not involve leaving the physical world.



The Aura

The aura is an electromagnetic field of radiating waves shaped like an egg. It surrounds the human body and makes up the second part of the etheric body. All humans have an aura extending as far as three feet beyond their physical bodies.

The colour and shape of the aura are in a constant state of flux. These changes reflect the thoughts and feelings of a person’s experiences in the physical realm at any given moment.

Those who can see or feel an aura can pick up on a person’s personality traits, physical health, and lifestyle because the aura stores that information. However, when the auric energy field is unbalanced or polluted by negative thoughts and feelings, it often attracts attachments or is vulnerable to implants.

Etheric Connections: What Are They?

The etheric connections are energy links between the Subtle Bodies on the etheric plane. We call them etheric cords. The astral and etheric energy is the essence of these cords. Anyone with an active energy body can create an etheric connection with somebody else’s subtle body. We can make etheric connections intentionally or accidentally between more than two people. They also can exist between animals, pets, or other creatures.

Etheric connections can survive time, space, and even death. You can feel etheric connections if you are sensitive to energy vibrations. When two or more people experience intense emotional or mental energy exchanges, they can create this bond. Etheric connections can provide an energetic base for profound relationships between people, souls, or creatures. These bonds can be positive and negative and survive through time, space, dimensions, parallel or past lifetimes.

When the etheric energy connection is healthy on the etheric plane, telepathic communication between people is easy and natural. In addition, it is possible to intentionally form etheric connections in an altered state of consciousness, such as dreaming or astral travel. These etheric connections can be either positive or negative. When we understand the energetic connections, we also better understand the meaning of etheric energy and etheric body. You can read more about Soul connections in the Voice of the Silence blog. 

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Etheric Plane Entities

Different belief systems, religious and folkloric texts mention the etheric plane entities. Their existence has been reflected by various spiritualist philosophies as well, as shown in movies, TV series, and cartoons.

The Etheric Plane Attachments And Blockages

The etheric plane attachments or blockages occur not because the etheric energy system blueprint is faulty but because it gets corrupted by both humans and entities.

Food And Sustenance For The Etheric Body

1. Food Rich In Etheric Matter

Living life with joy and purpose makes us happy, reduces stress, and raises energy vibrations. Experiencing the world this way strengthens the subtle body and encourages the free flow of the life force.

When we eat food that keeps nature’s powerful energies, we absorb particles rich in etheric substances and nurture our subtle bodies. Food, like fruit, that consists of solid, liquid, gaseous, and astral matter provides the best sustenance for the energy body. Smell and colour indicate the presents of those particles in the food.

2. Breathing The Either

We can nourish the etheric body by breathing alone. Therefore, energy healers often ask their clients to do breathing exercises. For example, a deep breath taken during the meal can help the subtle body to extract the subtler particles from the food.

It is worth mentioning that the astral body is nourished by positive emotions, while the mental body needs positive thoughts to thrive. Therefore, breathing deeply while enjoying your meal and thinking about its benefits will help extract and absorb those particles from your meal and nourish the body’s energy. 

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Etheric Body Healing

Energy healing starts with a realization that we live in the electric Universe where everything is connected and affected by everything else. This concept is reflected in the second hermetic principle of Correspondence – as Above, so Below. Practically, it means that whatever we experience in the physical world first originates in the metaphysical world.

When your etheric body and chakras are unbalanced or blocked, you will feel it as a mental, emotional, or physical disease. Likewise, if negative energy attachments block energy flow through your energy bodies or drain it out, again, it will manifest as biological dissonance of some kind. 

Here are some energy healing methods that you can practice yourself to balance your etheric body:

  • You can heal your etheric body without seeking help from a healing practitioner as long as you understand the basics of energy work. The practices below will help you to get started. If you want to keep learning, you can get more information here.
  • Meditation and self-reflection provide an opportunity for self-inquiry and inner work.
  • Affirmations – high-vibration words used in affirmations raise your energy vibrations, which help to repair energy bodies.
  • Mantras – a word or sound repeated to help concentration also works as an energy block for negative thoughts. They slow down an overactive mind and stop the obsessive negative thoughts, cutting off the energy supply that feeds negative attachments.
  • Feng Shui – rearranging your surrounding to allow more harmonious energy flow will create a nourishing environment for your Soul, Body, and Mind. It also will allow the life force energy better access to your subtle body.
A woman meditating

You can try this meditation to balance your etheric body.

  • Repeat the following sentence: My etheric body is in a permanent state of total health. Therefore, my body breathes deeply to heal.
  • Then, visualize a powerful beam of brilliant golden light entering your forehead, allowing these positive rays to penetrate the entire body and essence.
  • Imagine the light merging with your awareness of the etheric body and your intention to have a healthy etheric body.
  • Acknowledge that these natural, positive forces have an amazing power to heal your etheric body.
  • At once, notice that your body is replete with strong, helpful etheric energy. All negativity, blockage, and damage are now in the course of being removed or repaired. The transformation takes place effortlessly.

Here are some professional energy healing practices that can help you to balance your etheric body:

  1. Energy Healing Practitioners that work with the etheric plane.
  2. Energy healing practitioners use different methods to balance and clear the etheric body. You will find some of these branches of energy work explained below.
  3. Energy Medicine: This is a method of harnessing energy and directing it to another person for healing.
  4. Vibrational healing: A practitioner uses their high-energy vibrations to balance the energy of others. They also use specific tools, like sound, smell, and words, to harmonize their environment.
  5. Psychic Healing: Psychic healers can sense energy attachments or blocks in the energy bodies and work with life force energy to help clients clear those blocks within the Soul, Mind, and Body.
  6. Intuitive Healing: Intuitive healing is similar to psychic healing, but the practitioner uses different skills and abilities to discover the client’s energetic problems.
  7. Soul Reading: Soul readers physically read Soul’s profile in the Akashic Records and can help find and remove negative attachments and blocks.

We hope this guide helped you understand your Subtotal Bodies and start your healing journey.

Whether you approach an intuitive healer or start working independently, always remember to learn more about your etheric body and how it works. Also, pay attention to energetic protection and always listen and trust your intuition. 💗

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