Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation helps to reach a state of mental and emotional balance. It also helps to achieve inner peace. Moreover, the mantra positive energy can help eliminate negative thoughts and feelings. In this article, we will explain how to use mantra meditations to block negative thoughts. Also, we will show you how mantras can help to free your mind from toxic thought patterns. With a regular positive mantra meditation practice will have a transformative impact on your life. To help you start on this healing journey, we included examples of mantras at the end of the page. 

mandala for mantra meditation

Positive Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditations offer an effective technique to calm your mind. They also help block negative and obstructive thoughts from taking hold. We know that the mantra positive energy has helped countless people change their thought patterns. Moreover, a positive mantra can block negative thoughts from arising and affecting emotions.

You may have been curious about trying mantras but don’t know how to start. One of the first steps we recommend is finding a place and time for your regular practice. Then, make sure that you won’t be disturbed during your meditation. For example, right before going to sleep at night or after waking up are great times to use a positive mantra. We’ve also found it especially effective to start repeating the mantras whenever you find yourself experiencing a negative thought.

For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night and find that your mind won’t quiet down, start repeating the mantras. The mantra meditation will clear your mind of intrusive thoughts. Further, it will create a relaxed state of calm tranquillity and allow you to fall back asleep.

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Examples of Mantras

Sometimes we experience upsetting or anxiety-provoking thoughts throughout the day. If you have this problem, find a quiet place to be alone for a few minutes and get into a comfortable position. You will notice that mantra meditation helps you concentrate on your breath. It will immediately calm your body’s nervous system. Likewise, it will help you calm down and feel at ease.

Next, allow your thoughts to come and go. See them as thoughts that pass over the landscape of your mind without judgment. Also, don’t let your thoughts affect your emotions. Then you can begin repeating the mantras either inwardly or out loud. Here are some examples of mantras you can choose from:

  1. “I am relaxed, protected and calm.”
  2. “I am healthy, happy and safe.”
  3. “All is well, calm and secure”.


yoga pose as examples of mantras

By regularly practising any of these mantra meditations, your thought flow will cease almost entirely. Thus, mantra positive energy will leave your mind bright as if a warm sky is shining on you. Remember, this is our natural state. Therefore, meditating with these mantras will allow you to return to this place of happiness and peace within yourself.

There is another great way to practice positive mantra meditation. You can get in the habit of using them during a set time each day. Your mind will soon get used to this pattern. Hence, making it much easier to enter a state of profound meditation. In addition, cultivating this habit will train your mind more effectively. Therefore, the mind will learn to block negative thoughts immediately after you start repeating the mantras. 

Mantra Meditation – Mantra Positive Energy

Obstructive thoughts and negative emotions can cause stress and anxiety. But you can free yourself of them with a mantra positive energy. Furthermore, mantra meditation fits into the more extensive path of intuitive healing. Clearing your mind, body and spirit from negative emotions is very important. However, it is only the first step on a more significant journey. It’s equally vital for you to continue learning and practising other holistic methods of self-healing.

lotus in water for mantra positive energy meditation

Positive Mantra Examples

We included some positive mantra examples for you to try. Please try one mantra at a time to feel which one resonates with you.

  1. “My Mind Is Calm and Peaceful”
  2. “My Body Is Relaxed and Balanced”
  3. “My Emotional Body Is Healthy And Clean”

You are not alone if you’ve struggled to quiet an overly loud mind. But, unfortunately, most people never learn to silence what the Buddhists call the Monkey Mind. That restless and seemingly uncontrollable flow of thoughts and emotions can be a source of stress, anxiety and turmoil. If ignored, this mental turmoil can lead to insomnia, bouts of depression, panic attacks and more.

However, mantra meditation will help you stop feeling stressed because of the thoughts that you experience. Instead, you’ll learn to allow thoughts to come and go. You will see them as clouds that pass over the landscape of your mind without permitting them to affect your emotions. While this perspective is something few people are used to, the mantras we present here will help you gradually achieve this way of thinking.

Once you learn to keep the flow of random thoughts from affecting your emotions, your whole life will change. Thus, you’ll be calmer, happier, and free from negative and obsessive thought patterns. Even if an unwelcome thought does sneak into your mind, you’ll have the mental skills to observe it without judgment. And allow it to pass without letting it affect your mood.

Negative Thoughts, Mental and Emotional Energy Bodies

Wouldn’t it be great to know why these negative thoughts and feelings occur first? Do our minds naturally generate them? Or are they inflicted on us by dark energetic attachments? Wouldn’t you want to know if you’re paying a karmic debt? Is that karmic debt even yours? Or if these negative energy attachments have followed you from past incarnations or parallel lifetimes?

Don’t let yourself stay in the dark and miss out on addressing these issues. There are many ways to discover what’s happening with our mental or emotional bodies. This, in turn, can help you to uncover the root cause of these obsessive negative thoughts.

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