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We will include as many relevant topics as possible in our metaphysical blog. We will cover some issues of interest at length: metaphysics, philosophy, and metaphysical concepts; esotericism and esoteric knowledge; modern alchemy; vibrational healing and sound healing therapy.

In the West, most of us grew up accepting a minimal set of esoteric knowledge about the purpose of our lives. We knew little about the soul and what happens when our bodies die. Most of us believed there was nothing to learn beyond this somewhat esoteric knowledge. And to look upon those who had expanded alternative views with suspicion. Unfortunately, this mindset has hampered the spiritual growth of many a seeker. And they were often causing people with the best intentions to become blocked and shut down.

For the lucky ones who remain open to esoterism, however, the esoteric knowledge of millennia of teachers, healers and masters can be theirs. These sacred traditions are not hidden to deprive us of their gifts; instead, they are protected from contamination and imparted only to genuine seekers of metaphysics philosophy whose motives are pure. By incorporating esoterism into their lives, sincere and diligent students can learn how to transmute pain into joy and impact the world around them.

Metaphysical Concepts in Our Blog

Esotericism and Modern Alchemy

metaphysics philosophy, esotericism, esoteric knowledge, real alchemy, vibrational healing

Esotericism helps us to recognize that the material world where we live our day-to-day lives is only the tip of the iceberg. But, as with any journey worth taking, these realizations do not come easily. There may be times when obstacles and blockages slow us down in our quest. But “where is a will, there is a way”. And esoteric knowledge shows us that way. Modern alchemy and metaphysics philosophy are the compendium of ancient and contemporary knowledge. Therefore, they can be the key that will unlock many doors for you as you pursue health, clarity and enlightenment. And Voice of the Silence metaphysical blog is here when you need more information on esoteric topics.

Real Alchemy and Modern Alchemy

Real alchemy happens when we change ourselves. For example, are there things you wish you could change about how you think, feel and act in certain situations? Or, have you ever thought that the scripts inside your mind cause you to sabotage your success? Then, you may be interested in learning how to reprogram your mind using real alchemy.

Therefore, we understand the importance of sharing modern, real alchemy knowledge with you. Hence, we include in our metaphysical blog articles that discuss the power of the subconscious mind. These blog posts will show you how to create fundamental, concrete changes in your life using esoteric knowledge and modern alchemy.

Metaphysics philosophy, esotericism, esoteric knowledge, real alchemy, vibrational healing

Esoteric Knowledge and Modern Alchemy

Let us reassure you that modern alchemy is as real as ancient. They both are founded on the same alchemical and hermitic principles. And they both relate to esotericism. These ancient principles guide us towards the process of inner transmutation. This is where the magic happens. By changing your internal processes, you change your life. Taking this into account, we post many practical articles in our metaphysical blog on modern alchemy, esotericism and esoteric knowledge. Using metaphysics philosophy blog posts, you can transform different areas of your life.

For example, if you are unsuccessful in changing your old or forming new habits, you may need to try a different method to instigate that change. Unfortunately, many people experience failures and frustrations when trying to change their lives using conscious methods. The fact is that the subconscious mind can often create resistance if healing has not yet taken place. However, esoteric knowledge and modern alchemy teach us that you can use the subconscious to achieve outstanding results by reviewing your mind, thus changing your behaviour.

Mind reprogramming essentially rewrites the script that is playing in your mind and dictating all of the decisions you are making and the actions you are taking. That means that you will suddenly start to act in new ways and can handle situations with a new sense of self that was hindered by negative beliefs and patterns in the past. This is an example of esoteric knowledge and modern alchemy in action.

metaphysics philosophy, esotericism, esoteric knowledge, real alchemy, vibrational healing

Vibrational Healing and Sound Healing Therapy

Sound healing therapy and vibrational healing are two fascinating subjects closely related to our research. Hence, we often post articles discussing old healing traditions and new research in these areas. Did you know vibrational healing relates directly to sound healing therapy, esotericism and psychic work? This is because these modalities all take a holistic approach to balancing the human body, mind and emotions for optimal health. Hence, vibrational healing is one of the key topics on our metaphysical blog. 

metaphysics philosophy, esotericism, esoteric knowledge, real alchemy, vibrational healing, esotericism

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