Metaphysical Meditations

Metaphysical Meditations and Spiritual Alchemy

We offer meditation exercises, such as energy clearing meditation, protection meditation and soul retrieval meditation. Metaphysical meditations are powerful tools for spiritual alchemy healing. There are many reasons for that. First, listening to the sound of another person’s voice during healing meditation can be transformational. Remember that our mind and body always listen to what is happening outside.

What’s more, whether we realise that or not, we are always affected by information that comes from outside ourselves. Because of that ability, we can deliver transformational messages to ourselves. One effective way to pass on the messages to your mind and body is during an energy-healing meditation. With this in mind, we designed our energy-clearing meditations that deliver powerful messages. 

Voice of the Silence meditation exercises are easy to follow. You might be surprised at the transformation they can bring. Everyone receives healing differently, so feel free to experiment. Find a suitable guided meditation and venture into the depths of your being. 

Affirmation Cards for Meditation and Healing

The Significance of Self-Knowledge

Metaphysical meditations melt the veil of false realities. They definitely will change your perception of the world around you. Most importantly, however, metaphysical meditations will help you to see your internal landscape. During these special moments, you will have a chance to reconnect with your essence. And learn invaluable insights into yourself.

In turn, these insides will help you understand the cause of your imbalance. If you persist, the remedies for the imbalances will also become apparent. Gradually, this inner work will result in a personal transformation. But inner work requires a lot of focus and concentration. Meditation, self-reflection and mind training will help to develop these skills.

Esoteric Exercises

Try meditation exercises to calm your mind and body and cleanse your inner world of impediments. The concept is simple. Become still and receive the instruction. Follow the suggestions as you hear them. Please consider trying some of our meditation exercises. You might be surprised at the positive cleansing energy they can bring. Find suitable meditation exercises and venture into the depths of your being.

Healing Meditation

Healing meditation is one of the most enriching activities for our well-being. First, of course, it is relaxing and soothing. For that reason, it can be a natural way to ease some health conditions’ symptoms and pain. There is some evidence, for example, that healing meditation can lower high blood pressure, calm irritable bowel syndrome, reduce flare-ups in ulcerative colitis and reduce anxiety and depression. Healing meditation may also promote sleep for people who have insomnia.

Secondly, healing meditation also can help you fully enjoy life and live in the moment. For example, it makes it easier to be present in your relationships. Meditation also calms the stress of daily life.

But there are more reasons to cherish meditation, though. It has its unique place in spiritual development. Meditation allows you to quiet your mind and physical body, giving you the space to listen to the universe. It encourages you to clear your mind, gaining enlightenment and empowerment.

Energy Healing Meditation – Allowing Q to flow through your hands.

Allowing Qi to Flow through your Hands

This meditation guides you to unlock and free your energy flow. According to Chinese medicine, pain is sometimes caused by stagnating Qi (chi). When too much or too little energy reaches different body areas, it creates discomfort or disease. So, according to this belief system, the solution to illness or pain reduction is to get the Qi moving.

We can achieve balance via special exercises that create motion in the energetic and physical body. This meditation is one such exercise. Some Qi-Gong practitioners have even been said to generate warmth from the control of their Qi to keep themselves warm and dry even in snowy, wet areas. Energy healers then direct this energy flow through their eyes, hands, and voice to facilitate healing an afflicted etheric body. This Q meditation, when consistently practised, can increase chi and improve health and general well-being.

Energy Clearing Meditation

Energy Balancing Meditation

As we go through life, our aura energy fields collect harmful “dirt”. This “dirt” comprises lower, negative vibrations and other non-harmonic energies. These energies sap our strength and health. Luckily, we can cleanse our aura of negative energy in different ways. One simple way is to use energy-cleansing meditation. First, energy-cleansing meditation helps to ground you. Secondly, it allows your energy fields to release unwanted or unhelpful energies. We invite you to use our guided energy-clearing meditations. But any cleansing meditation practice can have a beneficial effect.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval Meditation

The Soul is the field of thinking, feeling, remembering, desiring, and willing. The Soul is also the root of psychic phenomena: extrasensory perception and out-of-body experiences. Without a Soul, we wouldn’t have these abilities and extraordinary experiences. However, some people feel disconnected from their essence or Soul. Different misfortunate circumstances can explain that. The most common explanation is that the Soul is not fully embodied. Again there are many complex issues involved in that process.

We usually recommend soul retrieval meditation to those with prior training or experience. The soul retrieval meditation should be only attempted under the direct advice and supervision of the healing practitioner.

Buddha Breath Meditation

Buddha Breath Meditation

Buddha Breath Meditation. This meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own.

Thoughts Regulating Exercise

Thoughts Regulating Exercise

This meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own.

Reprograming The Subconscious Meditation

Reprograming the Subconscious Meditation

This meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own.

Painful Thoughts Meditation

Painful Thoughts Meditation

Attuning The Pendulum Meditation

Attuning The Pendulum

This meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own.

Accessing The Akashic Records Meditation

Accessing the Akashic Records Meditation.

This meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own.

Protection Meditation

Energy Clearing Meditation

We created protection meditation with one aim in mind. We wanted to guide you through inner work and keep you safe. While meditating, you most likely will encounter some challenging unresolved issues. These issues can be both internal and external. Using guided protection meditation, you will learn how to neutralise negative energies that gravitate to these unresolved issues. Advanced meditators know that anyone who reaches the astral or etheric field during meditations needs guidance and protection.

This meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own.

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