Opening The Akashic Records

Opening The Akashic Records 

This powerful meditation will allow you to gain the necessary skills to expand your awareness. It also helps to practise opening the Akashic Records. You will access the Akashic Records stored in your energetic field. First, you need to master Akashic awareness and read your own records. Then, you’ll have the understanding necessary to extend your mind into the greater field of Akasha itself.

The key to this meditation is fine-tuning your ability to focus and gain Akashic awareness. You also need to learn to trust the messages your intuition gives you. 

Gaining Akashic Awareness

The information you receive will mainly present itself to you through feelings. Our gut feelings are often messages from our higher self. And your initial encounters with the Akashic Records will be similar to this. For example, as you meditate, you’ll feel specific thoughts to be accurate. With experience, you will learn to discard thoughts that don’t feel right.


As thoughts arise in your mind, you will feel excitement or aversion.


As you become more experienced with this exercise, you may begin to perceive things with your mental senses. For example, you may experience certain sounds, smells or other sensations related to the answer you’re looking for. After a while, you’ll even begin to see images with your mind’s eye. These images are similar to dreaming but much more vivid.

Unlocking these abilities requires intense practice and focus, however. So if you’re interested in achieving this state of mind, consider incorporating meditation into your daily routine.

a Woman is sitting on a book in the sky opening the Akashic records

Access Akashic Records Meditation

  • Before opening the Akashic Records, sit comfortably on the floor with your legs crossed. Or on a soft surface or a chair with your feet planted firmly on the floor. State your intention, preferably out loud, but you can also do it in your mind.
  • Begin breathing deeply but comfortably. Allow your mind and body to enter a meditative state in which you are relaxed but focused.
  • Visualize a beam of cosmic energy from above and surrounding your whole body. It infuses you with energy from your head to your toes. Imagine how cosmic energy increases the frequency of your energetic field. Each breath you take makes your body warm, tingle, or even vibrate slightly.
  • Mentally hold on to your statement of intention in the back of your mind. You do not have to repeat it like a mantra. But do not forget what you’re hoping to find out.
  • Continue the visualization. Become aware of any feelings, thoughts, sensations or mental images you experience.
  • Wait until your focus begins to wane or you’ve received the information you were looking for. Then take a few deep breaths, and wiggle your fingers and toes. Now imagine yourself fully returning to your body.
  • Slowly open your eyes. Immediately write down your experience during the access to Akashic Records, so you can analyze it later.
  • Take some time to ground yourself before jumping back into your daily activities. Drink some tea, stretch, sing a song or hug a friend.

Setting Up The Intention To Access Akashic Records

As a beginner, the more specific you can be, the better. For example, “I want to find out the karmic cause of my fear of heights” is better than “I want to find out about my past lives”. There’s an innumerable amount of information stored in your energy body. If you need to be more specific, you can easily get overwhelmed instead of finding the answers you seek.

Akashic Awareness

As you progress with this exercise, you’ll see how the answers you receive become much more concrete and easy to understand. At first, however, you must allow yourself to trust your intuition. Trust your experiences instead of blocking your development with doubt or fear. Also, remember that this technique is best used to understand your own Soul history. Trying to use it for other purposes, such as predicting the future, often leads to misinterpreting what is yet to come.

Access to Akashic Records and reading the information there is an invaluable tool for healing. By practising this exercise, you’ll develop psychic skills. The flow of cosmic energy that this meditation opens you up to will unlock dormant energy pathways. And that leads to awakening other interconnected spiritual abilities, including more effective healing.

You can find more about the Akashic Records and the ways to access them in the Ebooks and meditations below.