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Akashic Record Healing

Akashic Record healing involves accessing records to gain insights for guiding spiritual transformation. In this module, we explore Akashic healing, uncovering methods to access valuable information there. We facilitate the pain transmutation process by understanding our energetic and Soul history. The module teaches techniques to access these records ethically and responsibly. It emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations in dealing with sensitive information. As you progress, you can connect deeper to your intuitive abilities and use them in this work. Additionally, you will learn how to apply the information gathered from the records to facilitate healing.


Akashic Record healing and Soul history

Through this process, practitioners responsibly tap into the records to aid personal evolution and fulfillment. This module empowers you with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of accessing and utilizing past life and Soul records. By recognizing the importance of ethical considerations, you can ensure that the information you uncover is used responsibly for healing. You will better understand how to apply this knowledge effectively as you hone your intuitive abilities.

Akashic Record healing safety

To safely access the Akashic records, begin by grounding yourself through meditation or deep breathing exercises. Establish clear intentions and seek guidance from your higher self or spiritual guides. Approach the process with respect and humility, avoiding ego-driven motives. Practice regular spiritual self-care to maintain balance and clarity. Only access the records when you are in a calm and centered state. Avoid forcing or prying into others' records without their consent. Seek proper training and guidance from experienced practitioners to develop your skills responsibly. Trust your intuition and discernment while interpreting the information received from the records.

A major part of the breakthrough section is concerned with the Akashic records. We will learn how to access the records and gain the information about your clients’ personal energetic and Soul history necessary to help them during the pain transmutation process. The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 2, Lesson 1 covers the Akashic Records. This is the Breakthrough Module of the course.

MP4, 15 minutes.

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