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Ebook: A Beginner’s Guide To Intuitive Healing


Healing is a practice that has existed in one way or another for as long as humankind has walked upon this Earth and there are a multitude of ways of being a healer. From the doctor who really listens to their patients’ complaints, to the friend who hugs a friend in need, to the experienced energy healer trained in shamanism or massage, healing can take place in a variety of ways.

Intuitive healing is an age-old practice that teaches us to listen to our inner wisdom as a way to overcome disease and trauma, bringing balance back to our body. But how do we go about getting started with this alternative healing modality?

In this short guide, we look at what intuitive healing is and why practice it. We also show you how to get started with this alternative healing modality, delving into the basics of intuitive and energy based healing and what it can do.

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