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Energy Cleansing Meditation

Energy cleansing meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own. This meditation is a spiritual practice that purges negative influences, fosters an environment of positivity, and strengthens energy bodies. Its goal is a brighter, healthier spiritual energy field. Moreover, it is a tool for spiritual wellness that cultivates balance and harmony, maintaining spiritual health.


Energy cleansing in spiritual traditions

In the realm of esoteric traditions, energy cleansing plays a pivotal role. It refers to purging negativity and enhancing spiritual well-being. This practice aids in maintaining harmony, balance, and vibrancy.

In metaphysics, energy cleansing purifies one's aura and other subtle bodies. This field, surrounding each person, benefits from regular cleaning. Thus, metaphysics promotes the cleansing of this energy field.

Theosophy, meanwhile, emphasizes the necessity of inner purity. Energy cleansing serves as a tool for spiritual refinement. The process aids in aligning oneself with universal harmony, promoting spiritual growth.

Finally, in alchemy, energy cleansing is akin to refining base metals. The aim is to purify and elevate one's spiritual essence. Alchemists strive for transformation, and energy cleansing is a step in this process.

Energy cleansing meditation

In conclusion, energy cleansing is a universal practice across various traditions. Each interprets it differently, yet all agree on its importance for spiritual wellness. It embodies the pursuit of purity, balance, and self-transformation. In this energy clearing meditation, you are guided to enter a relaxed mental and physical state. You are guided to focus on your energy bodies from that state of tranquility. Then you will be able to clear your energy field.

Energy Cleansing and Balancing Meditation. This meditation can be used as part of The Pain Transmutation™ course or on its own.

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