On line energy therapy session

Energy Healing Therapy Long Consultation


Energy Healing Therapy Long Consultation. For those who are committed to long-term spiritual development and well-being.

What is included in this Consultation:

✅ Firstly, gathering the client's energetic history through a consultation form

✅ Secondly, reviewing the intake form

✅ Further examining the client's energetic history

✅ Subsequently, performing a needs assessment - Understanding the client's expectations, needs, and pain points

✅ Then, identifying the client's problems based on baseline data collected

✅ Checking the client's energetic state using psychic and intuitive methods

✅ Next, check ALL energy bodies

✅ After this, check for energetic blocks

✅ Checking for negative energy attachments

✅ Checking for energetic triggers

✅ Checking Chakras

✅ Checking alignment with the Universal Laws

✅ Checking the balance of the elements within ALL the bodies.

✅ Problems analysis - Identify priority issues

✅ Developing an assessment-informed energy healing plan

✅ Evaluating an assessment-informed energy healing plan

✅ Setting healing goals

✅ Healing - an assessment-informed healing plan is developed for implementation

✅ Energy Healing Therapy Discussions with the client via email

✅ As a final point, video conference with the client

Five emails are answered. Life session via Zoom or Skype – 1.5 hours.

E-mail, Life session via Zoom or Skype – 1.5 hours.

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