Magical Essential Oils and Aromatherapy E-book

Ebook: Magical Essential Oils and Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy uses aromatic plant-derived or essential oils to promote good health, positive emotions and a relaxed state of being. Often, aromatherapy is combined with other holistic, spiritual and mind-body practices to enhance the overall experience and beneficial effect. This includes using an essential oil diffuser to fill a space with scent while meditating or practising yoga. Aromatherapy can also amplify practices such as chakra balancing, aura cleansing and kundalini awakening. Of course, you don't have to be a practitioner of any philosophy or spiritual pursuit to enjoy aromatherapy's relaxing, energizing and uplifting effects. You can also use aromatherapy to scent a room pleasantly and freshly. This guide provides an overview of aromatherapy and essential oils so you gain a better understanding of how they may enhance your mood, outlook and life.

1. Introduction
2. What is Aromatherapy?
3. What are Essential Oils?
4. Categories of Essential Oil Scents
4.1 Camphoraceous Essential Oils
4.2 Floral Essential Oils
4.3 Mint Essential Oils
4.4 Citrus Essential Oils
4.5 Herbaceous Essential Oils
4.6 Spicy Essential Oils
4.7 Earthy Essential Oils
4.8 Woody Essential Oils
5. How Essential Oils Are Mixed
6. What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?
7. How to Use Essential Oils
8. Cautions to Consider With Essential Oils
9. An Overview of Some Commonly Used Essential Oils
9.1 Basil
9.2 Bay Laurel
9.3 Bergamot
9.4 Cardamom
9.5 Chamomile Roman
9.6 Cinnamon Bark
9.7 Clary Sage
9.8 Cypress
9.9 Frankincense
9.10 Ginger
9.11 Grapefruit
9.12 Juniper
9.13 Lavender
9.14 Lemon
9.15 Lemongrass
9.16 Marjoram
9.17 Myrrh
9.18 Neroli
9.19 Peppermint
9.20 Rosemarie
9.21 Sandalwood
9.22 Sweet Orange
9.23 Ylang-Ylang

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