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Ebook: Magical Mantras


Mantras can be a very powerful tool. Mantras can be prayers, chants or thoughts that we repeat in order to anchor ourselves, summon peace and set the tone for the day. You don't have to follow a religion or ascribe to any particular world view or philosophy to use mantras. According to Buddha Weekly, "Mantras work with or without faith". A mantra can be whatever you want it to be. For example, if you are feeling alone and would like to find your people, you can use a mantra to summon your tribe. If you are looking for courage and confidence, you can use a mantra to overcome whatever fears are holding you back. This introduction to healing mantras gives you examples of these mantras and more that you can use for various aspects of your life. It also provides you with many tips and ideas to help you create your own mantras for whatever you need.

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