Ebook: How To Align Your Energy With The Energy Of The Universe: 22 Hermetic Meditation Cards

The 22 Hermetic Meditation Cards will help you build a solid foundation to support and nurture your skills. Therefore, you can advance your quest for energetic balance by incorporating these cards into your daily practice. This beautifully illustrated book explores energy vibrations with the help of meditation cards. Furthermore, it takes you through the ancient wisdom of hermetic principles, a cornerstone of Western philosophy.


Meditation Cards

When you begin a transformative journey toward vibrational balance, images, and Meditation Cards can help. Therefore, I created this book to support your quest to explore your relationship with the cosmos. Additionally, in this book, I give the interpretations of energy vibrations for each hermetic principle. Please remember that these principles are the fundamental aspect of our existence. These ancient axioms encapsulate timeless wisdom, reflecting the very foundation of natural laws. Thus, I do not just invite you to recite these principles; I invite you to live them.

In brief, this collection includes 22 uniquely illustrated meditation cards. And each card represents a different Hermetic Principle, serving as a daily prompt for contemplation. Hence, the journey towards understanding becomes interactive and engaging, not limited to reading alone.

Aligning Your Energy Vibrations with the Universe with Meditation Cards

Moreover, the book explores aligning one's energy vibrations with the universe's vibrations. It does so simply and coherently with the images. Consequently, readers can easily understand and apply these concepts daily. In conclusion, the book is a compelling, practical guide. It brings the abstract concepts of energy vibrations and universal alignment down to earth, making them accessible and applicable. Quensequentlly, this book is perfect for those who yearn better to understand themselves and their place in the cosmos.

Moreover, the book bridges the gap between these complex laws and their practical applications. It is achieved with the 22 elegant meditation cards, each representing a unique hermetic principle. Consequently, each card serves as a stepping stone toward deeper understanding, encouraging reflection and introspection. Therefore, these cards add a tangible element, grounding the conceptual within the realm of the physical.

Most importantly, this book shines in its ability to draw connections between individual energy vibrations and the universe's vibrations. It also provides tools to align the personal and the universal, promoting harmony and coherence. As a result, readers are empowered to tap into this resonance, transforming their own energy fields.

Meditation Cards guide the path toward a more interconnected existence

Finally, this book offers a holistic perspective on our place in the universe. Therefore, it doesn't just enlighten—it supports readers in their journeys toward self-understanding and unity with the universe. In conclusion, those Meditation Cards will guide you towards a more interconnected existence.


2. PART ONE: The Seven Universal Laws

3. Principle of Mentalism

4. Principle of Correspondence

5. Principle of Vibration

6. Principle of Polarity

7. Principle of Rhythm

8. Principle of Cause and Effect

9. Principle of Gender

10. Part Two – The Explanation Of Each Principle

11. Part Three – The Considerations For Each Principle


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