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The Pain Transmutation Course™


If you are looking for answers and a deep understanding of how to help yourself and the people around you to live a happier, healthier life, this is the right place for you. Pain Transmutation is a holistic healing method for the human Soul, Body, Mind and Emotions. It is an intuitive modality that allows us to learn the inner and outer Pain Transmutation process using Alchemical and Hermetic principles.

The course material is divided into three sections: Foundational, Breakthrough and Mastery.
Each section consists of several modules, including both theoretical and practical material.
The foundational section of the course covers three groundwork subjects – the Energetic Construct of Pain, Spiritual Protection and Human Construct.
The breakthrough section of the course covers Hermetic and Alchemical transmutation principles and Access to and Work in the Akashic Records.
Mastery – This part of the course mainly deals with practical applications of what you have learned. You will deepen your knowledge of pain transmutation through practical, spiritual and esoteric practices, such as soul retrieval, mind re-programming and emotional detox methods.
By the end of the course, you will be able to gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of the nonphysical origins of human pain and how to deal with them to liberate yourself and your clients from unnatural energetic restrictions.

MP4, 12 Modules, 3 hours.

www.voiceofthesilence.net All Rights Reserved, 2017

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