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Soul Healing and Retrieval

Soul healing involves restoring the innermost part of oneself to its original state, addressing trauma, pain, loss, and embracing hurt. Self-love, self-care, meditation, and esoteric methods like soul retrieval help reintegrate lost parts of the soul. These holistic healing methods require patience and persistence, ultimately leading to a more authentic, aligned existence. This module discusses esoteric Soul healing methods, including Soul retrieval, which aims to reintegrate lost soul parts caused by trauma. We do the healing of the wounded soul work in the Akashic Records and the Void.


Soul healing

At its core, soul healing implies restoring the innermost part of ourselves to its original, serene state. Often, this process involves addressing the wounds of the soul, which can stem from various sources, such as trauma, pain, loss, or neglect. It requires acknowledging your wounds. The first step lies in recognizing the hurt and embracing it instead of hiding it away or denying its existence. From here, we turn towards self-love and self-care. Both serve as nurturing balm to the wounded soul. By demonstrating love and care towards oneself, we provide the soul with the safe and warm environment it needs to heal.

Soul healing methods

Meditation can also play a key role in soul healing. We can connect with our inner self through quiet introspection, enabling a dialogue with our soul. This practice can bring about profound realizations and promote the healing process.

This module also covers esoteric Soul healing methods, such as Soul retrieval. This is an ancient practice aimed at reintegrating lost parts of the soul caused by trauma. Two areas often associated with this work are the Akashic Records and the Void. According to metaphysical tradition, the Akashic Records are a compendium of all human thoughts, events, and emotions encoded in a non-physical realm. This "library" of past, present, and future knowledge offers profound insights during soul retrieval. We access these records through meditation or other techniques to understand the source of soul fragmentation and guide the healing process.

On the other hand, the Void represents a space of emptiness or nothingness - a place beyond physical existence. In this space of infinite potential, healers believe lost soul pieces can reside. We may journey into the Void during soul retrieval, retrieving and reintegrating these fragments.

Both methods aim to facilitate holistic healing, whether in the Akashic Records or the Void. It's about restoring whole individuals and harmony to the soul, helping you reconnect with your authentic selves. Soul retrieval, therefore, represents a significant step toward emotional and spiritual well-being.

Soul healing journey

Healing the wounded soul doesn't promise an overnight transformation. Indeed, it is a journey that demands patience and persistence. But it is also a journey that ultimately leads to a more authentic, aligned existence. In conclusion, soul healing and healing the wounded soul represent a profound inner journey. We can initiate the healing process by acknowledging our wounds, practicing forgiveness, fostering self-love, meditating, and expressing ourselves creatively. It's an expedition of self-discovery and transformation, guiding us back to our soul's inherent peace and tranquility. As we heal, we can reclaim the harmony within ourselves, reflecting it in our interactions with the world around us.

Soul healing module

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 3, Lesson 1. Mastery is the final part of this course. You will learn Pain Transmutation techniques we apply to Soul Retrieval, Mind Reprogramming, and Emotional Detox protocols. The Soul Retrieval work is done either in the Akashic Records or the Void.

The Soul Retrieval work is done either in the Akashic Records or the Void.

MP4, 7 minutes.

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