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Spiritual Discernment and Protection

Spiritual Discernment and Protection help healers prepare and protect themselves for energy work. For instance, spiritual discernment involves distinguishing between different energies and influences. This, in turn, allows for informed choices and avoiding negative influences. On the other hand, protection is about safeguarding oneself from harmful energies and entities. It is also about setting boundaries and shielding from external forces. Therefore, consistent spiritual self-care practices support energetic well-being and maintain a balanced connection to the spiritual realm.


Spiritual Discernment and Protection

The foundational section of the course covers three groundwork subjects – the Energetic Construct of Pain, Spiritual Protection, and Human Construct. As a healer, you will learn how to prepare and protect yourself for even the most profound and powerful work. You will also gain an understanding of some of the tools vital to your practice. You get access to our meditation, video, and audio recordings.

What is Spiritual discernment and protection?

Spiritual discernment and protection are essential aspects of navigating one's spiritual journey. Discernment involves distinguishing between different energies and influences, allowing us to make wise and informed choices. It is the capacity to intuitively assess whether something aligns with our highest good and spiritual growth. By developing spiritual discernment, we can avoid potential pitfalls and negative influences on our path.

On the other hand, protection involves safeguarding ourselves from harmful energies or entities that may disrupt our energetic balance. It is the conscious practice of setting boundaries and shielding ourselves from external influences that could drain or harm our energy.

How to practice Spiritual discernment and protection

Discerning and protection are crucial in maintaining a healthy and positive spiritual practice. Regular meditation and grounding exercises can strengthen our energetic boundaries and enhance our ability to discern what serves our spiritual evolution. Practicing discernment and protection does not imply fear or avoidance but instead fosters a sense of empowerment and self-awareness. It allows us to take responsibility for our spiritual journey and make choices that align with our authentic selves.

Intuition and inner guidance for spiritual discernment and protection

By cultivating discernment, we can avoid falling into the traps of dogma or manipulation by others. Instead, we develop a deeper understanding of our intuition and inner guidance, leading us toward genuine spiritual growth and truth. In our spiritual practices, we may encounter various beliefs, teachings, or energies that can be beneficial and potentially harmful. With discernment, we can distinguish between what resonates with us and what does not, allowing us to embrace what genuinely serves our highest purpose.

We can set clear intentions to enhance protection, call upon spiritual guides or divine forces, and use tools like crystals or visualizations to create energetic shields. Consistent spiritual self-care practices support our energetic well-being. We can maintain a balanced and harmonious connection to the spiritual realm through spiritual discernment and protection while grounding ourselves in our physical reality. It is an ongoing process that helps us navigate our spiritual journey with clarity, authenticity, and grace.

The critical part of the course is – Spiritual protection and discernment – I provide practical guidance and tools to ensure your energetic integrity while doing energy work.

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