Strengthening your aura to protect against negative energetic influences during altered states of consciousness e-book

Ebook: Strengthening Your Aura To Protect Against Negative Energetic Influences During Altered States Of Consciousness


Practicing spiritual disciplines has the potential to fully transform your life for the better. Working with your mind and spirit while in altered states of consciousness can allow you to transcend the blockages, negative attachments and other limitations that the conscious, rational mind creates. However, when you work with altered mental states, there’s always the possibility of attracting the wrong kind of spiritual attention. This guide focuses on how you can keep your physical and energetic bodies safe from any negative entities and influences of thought-forms you may encounter when you open your mind through non-ordinary states of consciousness. In this e-book, we describe what negative energetic influences are, how they can affect you and how you can strengthen your aura to protect against them.

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