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Ebook: Taming the Mind and Body Through Taoist Meditation How to Greatly Improve Your Healing Practice


When starting out as a healing modalities practitioner, you may get stuck on some of the foundational exercises. This is common, and nothing to worry about. In fact, the reason this happens is that our Western mindset isn’t adapted to the flow of cosmic energy and can sometimes subconsciously create blockages when strange sensations arise. It’s as if our conscious mind is hitting the brakes on your energetic practices simply because it can’t understand them. This is a  common roadblock many new practitioners, especially Westerners, face.

Taoist meditations, such as the one in this eBook, are an active tool for gaining direct experience with the flow of life-force energy within yourself. This cosmic energy flows within each one of us in a microcosmic circuit that reflects its greater flow throughout the universe itself. By learning to feel, understand and control the flow of energy within yourself, you can unlock important knowledge about the flow of qi within the greater macrocosm of the universe.

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