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The Energetic Construct of Pain

The Energetic Construct of Pain consists of negative energy attachments caused by energy manipulation. It is a discomfort originating from our subtle bodies. It stems from negative energy attachments like tulpas and thought forms. The pain body, a trigger for further discomfort, is created by the initial energetic pain. Understanding this pain is crucial for our well-being. Identifying its root cause can help address and counter its effects. Working with the pain body can break the domino effect and end the pain. Energetic pain is a complex issue rooted in our subtle bodies and energy manipulation, and with knowledge, we can disrupt the cycle and create a path toward well-being.


The energetic construct of pain

This module covers negative energy attachments and their role in human pain. Here we talked about the pain body, tulpas, and thought forms - the leading causes of individual and collective pain. Energetic pain is a unique form of discomfort. It's not physical, mental, or emotional, but subtle. Unlike typical aches, it originates in our subtle bodies. This pain affects not only our physical presence but also our energy bodies.

Moreover, it stems from a specific source. Negative energy attachments, such as tulpas and thought forms, are the culprits. These elements are the result of intentional energy manipulation, causing harm.

The energetic construct of pain - pain body

Following that, they cause an effect similar to a domino effect. The initial energetic pain results in the creation of a pain body. Subsequently, this pain body becomes a trigger for further discomfort. For example, imagine a water droplet creating ripples in a pond. Likewise, the energetic pain spreads from the source, impacting every part of our being.

Furthermore, this form of discomfort is individualized. It affects everyone differently, based on their energy bodies and interactions with these negative attachments. In addition, the pain body feeds off of this discomfort. It grows and strengthens with each instance of energetic pain.

The energetic construct of pain and energy manipulation

Therefore, understanding this pain is crucial for our well-being. Identifying its root cause can help us address and counter its effects. Indeed, the path to relief involves various steps. The first is acknowledging the presence of energetic pain. Next, we need to identify the source. It could be a tulpa, a thought form, or another form of negative attachment.

Consequently, the process of healing can begin. By addressing the source, we can start to alleviate the pain. However, the journey doesn't end there. The pain body, once created, needs to be dealt with as well. Thus, the cycle of pain can be broken. By eliminating the pain body, we halt the domino effect, ending the discomfort.

To conclude, energetic pain is a complex issue rooted in our subtle bodies and energy manipulation. It requires understanding and action for proper resolution. Without awareness, it continues to harm, echoing through our energy bodies. But with knowledge, we can disrupt the cycle, creating a path toward well-being.

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 1, Lesson 1 covers the Energetic Construct of Pain. This is the first Foundational Module of the course.

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