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The Pain Transmutation Course™: Human Construct


The foundational section of the course covers three groundwork subjects – the Energetic Construct of Pain, Spiritual Protection and Human Construct. We talk about the human construct and how our physical, mental and emotional bodies are energetically interconnected and affected by our light bodies.

We will spend a considerable amount of time learning the esoteric take on conciseness, human construct and the nature of the human Soul, our multi-dimensionality and the importance of the vital force energy or life force. We will talk about the human mind and its place and significance in the whole human construct. We will discuss conscious and sub-conscious minds and their perspective roles. When talking about the human emotional body, we will emphasise the human heart’s importance in the Pain Transmutation process.

MP4, 40 minutes.

www.voiceofthesilence.net All Rights Reserved, 2017

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