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The Pain Transmutation Course™

The Pain Transmutation Course™ is a holistic energy healing method for the human Soul, Body, Mind, and Emotions. It is an intuitive modality that allows us to learn the inner and outer Pain Transmutation process using Alchemical and Hermetic principles.


The Pain Transmutation Course™

Welcome to a journey divided into three stages: Foundational, Breakthrough, and Mastery. Each step houses several modules, combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills. To start, the Foundational section lays the groundwork. It presents three key subjects: the Energetic Construct of Pain, Spiritual Protection, and the Human Construct. In these modules, we set the stage for the journey ahead.

Next, we delve into the Breakthrough section. Here, we explore Hermetic and Alchemical transmutation principles. Also, we learn how to access and work with the Akashic Records. This stage deepens our understanding and starts the transformation process.

Finally, the Mastery section awaits. Here, the focus shifts to applying what we've learned. Practical applications, spiritual exercises, and esoteric practices take center stage. For instance, you'll delve into soul retrieval, mind re-programming, and emotional detox methods.

The Pain Transmutation Course™ process

By engaging in this process, we refine and deepen our knowledge of pain transmutation. We go beyond theory, turning our learning into practice. This stage solidifies our understanding and skills, preparing us for real-life applications.

At the end of this journey, you'll possess a comprehensive understanding of human pain's nonphysical origins. More importantly, you'll know how to address them. This knowledge will liberate you and those you help from unnatural energetic restrictions. The course is a roadmap to understanding and dealing with human pain on a nonphysical level. Through the Foundational, Breakthrough, and Mastery learning stages, we journey from knowledge to experience to application. It is a path to freedom from pain for ourselves and others.

The course material is divided into Foundational, Breakthrough, and Mastery.
Each section consists of several modules, including both theoretical and practical material.
The foundational section of the course covers three groundwork subjects – the Energetic Construct of Pain, Spiritual Protection, and Human Construct.

The breakthrough section of the course covers Hermetic and Alchemical transmutation principles and Access to and Work in the Akashic Records.
Mastery – This part of the course mainly deals with practical applications of your learning. You will deepen your knowledge of pain transmutation through practical, spiritual, and esoteric practices, such as soul retrieval, mind re-programming, and emotional detox methods.

By the end of the course, you will be able to gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of the nonphysical origins of human pain and how to deal with them to liberate yourself and your clients from unnatural energetic restrictions.

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