Protective Energy of Atlas Cedarwood Oil

Atlas Cedarwood oil has been revered for centuries, its purifying and protective energy and properties useful for anointing ritual objects. Today, it’s especially helpful in healing energy fields and performing other energy work. In addition, Atlas cedarwood oil is grounding and a good antidote for negativity.

protective energy of cedarwood atlas oil

Cedar is gracing the rugged ridges of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the verdant rises of Algeria’s Tell Atlas mountain chain. Atlas cedar trees are a silvery presence throughout Northern Africa. People named them after the mountains that gave them life, and many revere them for their blue-green needles. With those unusually colored needles in mind, atlas cedar is more commonly known as the blue atlas cedar. We produce Atlas cedarwood oil from this beautiful and cherished tree.

Without a doubt, one of the most historic essential oils, cedar atlas, has been a multi-purpose solution since the early Egyptians started distilling it. Equally important, it has been a medicine, cosmetic, and beneficial aroma for thousands of years and remains a cherished oil today. In addition, the wood was considered unbeatable and was used to build temples, including the one mentioned in the ‘Song of Solomon.’ It also served a dual purpose in ancient Egyptian burial rituals. What is more, artisans used this wood to carve elaborate sarcophagi, and the family used the essential oil for embalming the sarcophagi occupants.

At the same time, atlas cedarwood is an aphrodisiac, invigorating the passion of men. Moreover, this treasured tree is an essential element in Morocco’s economy. Thus, it supplies essential oil for spiritual, cosmetic, and medicinal uses. The cedarwood’s roots are also precious, used to produce medicinal tars that protect livestock from intestinal parasites with their protective energy.

A Man in a cedarwood forest enhailing reach aroma and absorbing protective energies of cedarwood

Rich, Warm Scent Adds Its Vibrations To Protective Energy

When you use atlas cedarwood essential oil, you’re using one of the earliest extracted essential oils known to exist. The ancient Egyptians cherished the strength of the atlas cedar and used its oil for embalming the deceased interred in Atlas cedar sarcophagi. This inspiring sacred oil spans the ages, and Tibetan medicine and Buddhist meditation continue to use it for its protective energy. It has also crossed the oceans, bringing its warm scent and many benefits to people across the continents.

Tibetan medicine using protective energies of the cedar

Inspiring Artists Through the Ages

Capturing the attention of ancient religious and political leaders, cedar wood also sparks the creativity of artists throughout the ages. We can find some of the earliest writings about Atlas cedarwood in the Bible’s Old Testament. The wood also figures prominently in buildings mentioned in the New Testament. Ancient artists took note of the wood and oil protective energy and beauty too. For example, a popular event in ancient Greece was carved into cedar wood by Spartans Hegylos and his son Theokles and dedicated in Olympia. 

A girl with cedar in her hair

Atlas Cedarwood Allure and Protective Energy Opens Up a World of Benefits

You’re walking in the footsteps of the ancients when you use atlas cedarwood essential oil for its aroma or protective energy. Notably, many of the oil’s early uses remain popular today. So, by all means, breathe in the gorgeous woody aromatherapy scent and revel in your renewed focus, wisdom, confidence, outlook, and bonhomie. Its fulsome aroma also helps relax and soothe you, calming congestion. Moreover, spas enjoy using this essential oil for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. Hence, it, in specific applications, can ease acne, eczema, arthritis, restless legs, stiff muscles, and fungal irritations. Also, some use the oil to stimulate hair follicles and moisturize a dry scalp.

A woman is walking in the footsteps of the ancients using atlas cedarwood essential oil for its aroma or protective energy

Enjoy Your Own Experience of the Cedarwood Protective Energy and Many Uses

Cosmetic Uses

This oil’s ability increases circulation to the scalp and stimulates hair follicles, making hair strong and beautiful. Thanks to these attributes, the essential oil is often used for alopecia, thinning hair, general hair loss, dandruff, and dry scalp. Moreover, cosmetologists often use this oil in French shampoos and alopecia hair lotions. In addition, its antiseptic and antibacterial properties also make it a common tool for controlling acne.


Spiritual Uses

This oil has been revered for centuries, its purifying properties and protective energies. Therefore, we also use it in healing energy fields and energy work. Cedar oil is an antidote for negativity. Thus it is also an excellent choice for work on your root chakra, benefiting from its grounding and stability traits. In addition, the oil has a rare ability to improve mental focus while soothing and to calm your senses, making it ideal for meditations like those for astral travel.

Safety Information

While this essential oil is lovely for aromatherapy and cosmetic applications, it is unsafe for internal use. Additionally, it is not for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Moreover, avoid using it in high concentrations without dilution in a carrier oil, as it can cause skin irritation.


Additional Information

  • Botanical Name: Cedrus atlantica
  • Standard Method of Extraction: Steam distillation or hydro distillation.
  • Plant Part Typically Used: Heartwood or resin.
  • Color: Amber to light yellow
  • Consistency: Oily texture and a medium-weight feel
  • Perfumery Note: Base
  • Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium to strong
  • Aromatic Description: Rich, woody scent with sweet hints of fruit and honey
Cedarwood Atlas

Enjoy Your Own Experience of the Nectar of the Gods

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