Root Chakra Meditations

Clearing and Unblocking Root Chakra

Blocked, Overactive and Underactive Root Chakra

Root chakra meditations can help when clearing and unblocking overactive and underactive root chakra is needed. The first chakra can experience a high-energy, hyper-stimulated state. This is almost as bad as a blockage, and we must bring it back into balance. You may feel resistant to change, selfish, and obsessed. You can have a short temper and anger easily.

A grounding root chakra meditation can help you redirect some excess energy. So can exercises to ensure your other chakras are open and healthy. You can try sacral chakra instead of root chakra healing yoga poses. The sacral chakra’s watery influence helps temper the root’s earthy nature. Muladhara’s meaning lies in stability and grounding, so stimulating the sacral and crown chakras – its opposites – can help bring it into balance.

The First Chakra and the Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame is your soulmate, and their energy body can develop strong connections to yours. It’s best if these occur at the heart chakra, but that isn’t always true. You may experience twin flame root chakra tingling. But, mainly if issues of sex or stability come up frequently with your partner.

Regarding chakra sexuality, root chakra energy is often considered secondary to the sacral chakra. However, reproduction is one of our basic instincts, so root chakra sex energy is still a compelling force. If you experience twin flame sensations in the root chakra and back pain, you may want to explore the role that sex plays in your relationship.

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Root Chakra Meditations

Calm an Overactive Root Chakra Meditation

Seated here, I aim to be aware of my body and its inner activities. With each inward breath, I notice the air’s qualities. I notice how slowly it passes into me. It fills my lungs and every cell of my body, refreshing everything it touches. Each breath reaches an endpoint just at the spot below my tailbone, the centre of my energy. When the air lands here, I notice this part of my body, sensing its restfulness, solidity, and peace.

Breathing out, I become even calmer. But I continue to take in the impressions of the travelling air as it moves up and through my torso. And then out of my mouth, carrying all the tension, anger, and impatience that might have been inside me. I let it be if I notice that my emotional centre is experiencing annoyance or ill will. The next breaths will help remove these components of my being. I know not where they came from, but I wish to let them go with all my being.


Concentrate on your breath for 5 minutes.


I use my mind, body, and emotions all at once to ponder what it means to have a wish. For a minute or so, I consider this concept and begin to have a physical sensation of wishing. And I want to eliminate negative emotions that occupy my body, mind, and spirit. Then, starting to notice an in-breath again. I follow it down to the base of my spine and realize it can cleanse me. The air fills this area beneath my spine. It pulls negativity out and carries it away as a pure stream of cool, clear water can rinse impurities off my skin and render it clean, fresh, and whole. After a while, I feel the urge to stand up and walk away. I am noticing a renewed, whole-body sense of serenity and peace.

Open a Closed or Blocked Root Chakra Meditation

Now, I am sitting here. Breathing fully and deeply, I feel the air flows into the centre of my body through my nasal passages. What’s this? The inhaled breath now wants to leave me, so I naturally allow it to exit my mouth. There’s a sensation in the part of my torso closest to the Earth, underneath the tailbone. Perhaps I am experiencing tightness or discomfort, but it begins to melt away as soon as I see it.

Now, attention has collected at the base of my spine, an awareness that wasn’t there before. A safety and inner serenity that wasn’t there when I began. I’ll spend a few minutes just taking this impression into my consciousness.

Taking another full breath the same way as before, this cycle of awareness starts again. The incoming air has a specific temperature, taste, and texture, which I notice as it flows into me. My body now feels permanent, lightweight. Yet it is solid and immovable at the same time. It’s connected to the Earth in a new way. It joined to the ground in the way a small hill is a landscape component stretching for miles and miles.


Concentrate on your breath for 5 minutes.


With each successive breath, the incoming air delivers energy to the base of my spine. I discover an increasing presence of energy emanating from this base, from the very foundation of my spine. The energy is the light that now pervades every part of my body. As a result, I am calm and secure. There’s a relaxing sense of safety as well. Each breath gives me a deeper and more profound impression of being one with the Earth and its solidity.

After a while, whenever the thought arrives, I arise and begin to walk. I am maintaining this inner awareness as I start to go about my day and interact with others.

Meditation for Underactive Root Chakra

I sit and allow my body to relax fully, leaving my eyes open so they can glance down and see this relaxation. And I use my vision, for now, as a tool to verify that I am at rest and physically connected to the Earth. I witness stability, security, and a grounded impression that reassures me before I close my eyes and go to another level of restfulness.

Still connected with everything around me and not falling asleep or dozing off, I’m looking forward to exploring my foundational energy source. I am receiving impressions of my body, mind, and emotions. I can even hear and physically sense my breath at this moment. Of course, it’s always been there, but now it takes on a new ability to help me discover an inner power that has also been with me all my life.

I take a deep breath through my nose and gather many sensations at once. The quality of the air, its temperature, its speed and lightness. There’s a clear impression of thought now: “Everyone breaths as I breathe. All humans, and I, along with them, breathe every second of every day.” That thought is reassuring as I realize that everyone is connected this way.


Concentrate on your breath for 5 minutes.


The breath lands at the base of my spine and fills it up. It is delivering nourishment through inspiration, stamina, enthusiasm, self-worth, and trust. And a further connection to all other people. As sand might slowly fill a glass container, this healthful breath flows into the area below my spine, near the tailbone. Then, the air flows out, having done its job, moving upward and out of my mouth just as slowly as it came into me.

Now, I begin again, breathing the same way and experiencing this same cycle of nourishment. It wakes up the power and being that was previously slumbering inside me. I feel new, refreshed, and alive. When I feel the urge to stand up, I go through my day as a whole person, exercising my birthright of being able to be.

This third chakra meditation concludes Voice of the Silence recommended exercises to help your balance root chakra. Please ensure plenty of rest after these unblocking and clearing overactive, underactive root chakra meditations.

root chakra meditations

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