Root Chakra Muladhara

The root chakra Muladhara is where everything begins. It’s the foundation, the first energy centre through which the life force passes. In this article, we will explain Muladhara chakra mudra’s meaning. We also will discuss Muladhara’s imbalance symptoms and what happens when we have an imbalanced root chakra. Additionally, we will suggest some activities you can do to keep it vibrant and healthy.

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Muladhara Meaning

The root chakra mudra is the first of the primary chakras associated with the element of Earth. In Sanskrit, it’s called “Muladhara,” from the words “Mula,” meaning “root,” and “adhara,” meaning “basis.” Put together, and this makes it the “root of Existence.”

All chakras also have their colour and symbol, root chakra included. For instance, the root chakra colour is red. In addition, the root chakra Muladhara mudra lotus flower has a yellow square at the centre and four petals.

What is Muladhara Mudra’s Function?

The root chakra Muladhara Mudra meaning is the “root of Existence,” and its function follows suit. Therefore, it forms the basis of the energy body and serves as the starting point for kundalini energy awakening. Hence, it is associated with the physical body, excretion, and survival instincts. For this reason, root chakra emotions generally concern safety, survival, and a sense of stability. As the foundation of the energy body, it needs to be stable for your well-being.

Root Chakra Characteristics Also Include:

  • Safety.
  • Your physical identity.
  • Grounding.
  • You are feeling supported in your family and community.
  • Your basic survival needs, like food, water, and shelter.
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Imbalanced Root Chakra

What Causes Unbalanced Root Chakra?

Undoubtedly, blockages and imbalances differ. To clarify, an imbalance means that energy is passing through but not correctly. On the other hand, a blockage keeps any energy from passing through, cutting the rest of the energy body off from your life force. While several things can trigger an imbalance, a blocked root chakra is more severe.

Of course, trauma, poverty, as well as abuse are significant contributors, undermining feelings of stability and safety.

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Root Chakra Imbalance Symptoms

  • Fear.
  • Self-doubt.
  • Low energy levels.
  • Ill health.
  • Trouble saving money and a poverty mindset.
  • Identity crises.
  • Materialism.

But, if your symptoms are vague, use a pendulum or other tool to perform a root chakra test.

How to Use a Root Chakra Muladhara Mudra Pendulum


Pendulums are an easy, objective way to assess your chakras’ functioning. For example, to use one on your root chakra, Muladhara, first find the location of the energy point – between the perineum and the anus, at the lower spine. Then, to make things easier on yourself, you can hold the pendulum a few inches above where your thighs meet.

Next, relax your hand and allow the pendulum to hang free. If it begins to move, pay attention to the motions: if the pendulum spins very quickly, the Chakra may be overactive. Conversely, it may be due to an underactive root chakra if it moves very slowly. However, if it remains still, it indicates a blockage.

Finally, write down your results. After practising a muladhara chakra activation or opening, try the exercise again. Note any differences in how the pendulum moves. Keep repeating this until you obtain a smooth motion that’s fast and slow.

If you want to try Voice of the Silence Root Chakra meditations, you can find them here.

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