Sacral Chakra Blockage

This article is about the second chakra. First, we will cover the second chakra meaning and why we need to understand its origins. Then we will move on to the sacral chakra location on body and how to find it. After that, we will discuss what it means to have sacral chakra blockage and the implications of a sacral chakra imbalance. Finally, we advise you on different methods to help with the second chakra healing. We will mainly concentrate on an overactive sacral chakra and how to balance it.

A woman with sacral chakra blockage

Second Chakra Meaning

The second chakra is one of the “lower chakras.” These relate to our animal instincts and physical self. Therefore, they govern our survival, self-image, and how we relate to the physical world. Finally, Svadhisthana specifically governs our need to experience pleasure and create things, whether art, music, poetry, or children. Significantly, the first chakra is associated with the earth and the sacral chakra water. Hence, it physically relates to our most “watery” organs. For example, a woman’s sacral chakra, including the womb, governs her lymphatic system and pelvic organs. Likewise, this energy center governs men’s lymphatic system, pelvic organs, and testes.

In short, in esoteric traditions worldwide, the element of water relates to our emotional state. Psychologically, the sacral chakra represents our feelings, relationships with others, sexuality, creativity, and ability to dream and fantasize. To summarize, the sacral chakra womb is associated with bringing forth actual children, conceiving ideas, and creating things in general.

Second Chakra

Sacral Chakra Location on Body

Where is the sacral chakra location?


The second energy center is about an inch and a half above the first. That places it right at the base of the spine, in the sacrum, with its activation point at the lower abdomen. Hence, it sits roughly two inches below the navel, corresponding to the pelvic organs’ location. It is essential to know the sacral chakra location on body, especially when working to balance the overactive sacral chakra.

sacral chakra location on body

Second Chakra Healing

How does sacral chakra healing relate to manifestation?


Manifestation brings what we want into our lives, whether material goods, jobs, or lovers. As the chakra that governs pleasure and our ability to create, the 2nd chakra is a natural choice for working with during the Law of Attraction or manifestation meditation. Moreover, its power is the power of abundance. While “abundance” can have different meanings to different people, the relationship between the sacral chakra and money is straightforward.

However, many people suffer from sacral chakra blockage or imbalance – especially the lower ones. Unfortunately, a blockage in the root prevents energy from flowing upward where it needs to go. At the same time, a blockage or imbalance in the pelvic area keeps it from functioning as it should. Therefore, second chakra healing is vital to help you manifest what brings you pleasure. For the sacral chakra, attraction is one of its chief properties. So when the kundalini energy can flow the way it should, we can’t help but bring in that which we desire most. Thus, to manifest, you first must attend to the 2nd chakra healing.

Sacral chakra healing relates to manifestation of a happy relationship. A couple walking on a beach

Sacral Chakra Imbalance

What causes sacral chakra imbalance?


The chakras are subtle energy bodies that can become imbalanced by a range of stimuli in our physical, emotional, or spiritual environment. Moreover, spending too much time and energy strengthening it can result in hyperactivity that needs balancing. The pelvic chakra is also blocked by fear, particularly the fear of death.


A blockage or imbalance can manifest in several different ways. For example, physically, a sacral chakra blockage may trigger reproductive or bladder issues. Additionally, some may experience back pain. Emotionally, symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra include:

  • Feeling like an imposter.

  • Become jealous of those around you.

  • A need to be more inspired.

  • Feel as though you are not good enough.

  • Become restless.

  • Experience anxiety.

  • Develop shallow relationships that lose their appeal quickly.

  • Become afraid of betrayal or abandonment.

  • Have trouble expressing wants, needs, or emotions.

  • Experiencing sacral chakra guilt – specifically guilt about the “right to feel.”


If overstimulated, this chakra can manifest as hedonism, risky behavior, and selfish pleasure-seeking. Moreover, Sacral chakra emotions can be intense, overwhelming, and difficult to ignore until the imbalance we resolve them.

Sometimes, you may experience vague symptoms that are difficult to pin down. In cases like this, using a pendulum or other tool may be helpful to see how your chakras react. To do this, obtain a crystal, brass, or wood pendulum. Then, hold it over the chakra you suspect is blocked or imbalanced, and note how the pendulum reacts. The more vigorously it moves, the more energy flows through that area. This can tell you if you need to work on opening, balancing, or calming your chakra sacrum.

How can I fix a sacral chakra imbalance?


Fixing an energy flow problem depends on the nature of the imbalance itself. For example, if the 2nd chakra is blocked, it must be opened. You must correct the root first if it suffers from a root chakra blockage. If it’s weak, you need to strengthen it. If it’s overstimulated, you must calm it down.

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Sacral Chakra Blockage

How to Clear a Blocked Sacral Chakra


If you are experiencing lower back pain, or any other negative symptoms outlined above, you may need to work to unblock this chakra. There are exercises to open the sacral chakra, and some may be more effective for your situation than others:

  • Yoga

  • Kundalini yoga kriyas

  • Mudras

  • Crystals or other gemstones

  • Meditating

  • Mantras


A woman walking on a beach healing sacral chakra

Overactive Sacral Chakra

Sometimes, this chakra can become too stimulated. This is just as destructive as a sacral chakra blockage. Therefore, the goal here is balance, not hyperactivity. Moreover, you must be careful to take actions that will help this energy center cool down without triggering a further imbalance in the other direction.

One of the best, most gentle ways to calm an overactive chakra is using crystals and colors. For example, wearing, carrying, or meditating with blue crystals can help an overactive sacral chakra, as can surrounding yourself with the color blue.


Specific crystals include:


Apatite. Blue apatite encourages healthy eating and suppresses hunger. It is perfect for situations where an overactive chakra has led to overeating or indulging in unhealthy foods.
Turquoise. This blue stone calms and clears the mind, helping to cut through the hedonistic impulses born from an overactive orange chakra.
Blue fluorite. Blue fluorite is helpful when it has become challenging to verbalize your ideas and feelings appropriately. It helps you express your desire and gets you back on track to obtaining it.

To summarize, actively working to curb the hedonistic, pleasure-seeking impulses of an overactive 2nd chakra also works to rein in its unchecked energy. This isn’t always easy to do, but it’s necessary if you’re going to keep sacral energy from wreaking havoc on your life.

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