Soul Connection and Ties

A soul connection is a magical and profound tie between souls. This energetic bond first occurs outside our reality. Through those connections, we gain deep insights into ourselves and others.

“Through joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, the soul comes to a knowledge of itself; then begins the task of learning the laws of life, that the discords may be resolved, and the harmony is restored.” Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

Meaning of Soul Connection and Soul Ties

To gain insights into soul connections, let’s have a look at the souls themselves. We know that many philosophers reflected on the idea of the soul. We also find references to the soul in mythological traditions. As a result, we have an abundance of soul definitions.

We often refer to the soul as the essence of a living being. It encompasses consciousness, thinking, and perception. In Theosophy, the soul is the sphere of thinking, emotions, will, and desires. The soul also allows us to experience paranormal phenomena. It is a link between the Spirit and the body. Hence, it reflects both the Spirit and body characteristics.

We consider the Spirit as a real eternal Self. The Spirit is incorruptible, the soul, on the other hand, is not. For that reason, the soul is often called the “battlefield” of good and evil. By sharing aspects with the Spirit and the body, it relates to both. When the soul leans more towards the Spirit, it eventually merges with it. Then it becomes eternal and divine.


To understand the soul connections and ties, we need to grasp two concepts:

  1. The location of the souls; and
  2. The substance of the souls.


Here is what some philosophers thought about the soul:

  • Ancient Egyptians believed that several parts composed the soul. They thought that the heart was the location of the soul. They considered the soul to be a vital force that brings the body to life.
  • Plato believed the brain was the seat of all rational thought. The logos is the immortal and divine soul’s location.
  • Aristotle referred to the heart as the location of the soul and life force.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci thought the brain was the location of the soul.


As we can see, we often link the soul to the life force or etheric matter. Ether is a substance that enlivens all life forms. It also supports physical and light bodies. Ether as well connects and separates dimensions in the universe. And, of course, our souls consist of ether. This substance remains with us until the day we die. After separating from the body, it returns to the Source.

Often we call soul connections etheric connections. We do this because they consist of etheric energy and matter. The second reason is – the souls that they link are also made of ether. Now you can see why mystics stress the importance of etheric connections.


Soul Connections vs. Etheric Connections

Yet, there is a difference between soul and etheric connections. We always create a soul connection outside our reality. But, we can make the etheric connections here as well as in the astral. This is possible for two reasons. First, the etheric connection can link together the etheric bodies. And secondly, it can link the souls as well. There is a reason why we need to grasp these differences. Thus, when working with the soul and etheric ties, we address them differently.

Types of Soul Connections

Twin Flame and Soulmate Connection

The Soulmates, Twin Flames, and Twin Rays are all similar concepts. In esoteric tradition, the Twin Flames split when they incarnate. However, destiny always guides them to reunite. A similar concept exists in both western and eastern occult traditions. Their view is that the Souls are created in pairs. However, they have to separate when incarnating in the physical world.

The same etheric DNA always links the Soulmates. But, they are often born into different worlds. Age, distance, or traditions often separate them. Even so, they always find a way to reunite. The Soulmates and the Twin Flames can feel each other presence long before they meet. Because of this resonance, they can communicate telepathically. After all, they have a unique soul connection. They also have an eternal relationship.

“When you are soulmates, it hits you like lightning. And you know that’s the one person in the world you were meant to be with. You don’t think you are soulmates. You know it’s your destiny whether you like it or not.” L.J. Smith.

Unbreakable Soul Ties and Soul Connection

We find examples of unbreakable soul ties in literature and cultures. Reading or hearing about love that survives time and space always touches our hearts. Stories about true love still have an emotional effect on people. Have you ever wondered why we are so involved in other’s love stories?


How Are Soul Ties Formed?

Fortunately, we can solve the unbreakable soul ties mystery. We can do this with the help of mysticism. There is a reason why these ties seem to be unbreakable. This is because they are not of this world. Etheric love, connections, and cords originate in the etheric world. That happens long before souls’ physical incarnations. Still, that love needs the interactions of the physical world to come alive. Lovers’ thoughts, feelings, and touch create energy that feeds that love. This energy is the secret ingredient that enlivens that connection. Now you can see why it is so hard to break the etheric bonds.

Spiritual Love Connection

We know that spiritual love connections and ties are special. They are more than just emotional or physical bonds between lovers. They are unique and rare in many ways. These ties are also precious because they consist of etheric energy. Any romantic involvement can be like a double-edged sword. Spiritual love is no exception to this rule. It can be positive or negative, or both at the same time.

Good Soul Ties vs. Unhealthy Soul Ties 

It is easy to see how good soul ties create healthy etheric connections. These ties provide a solid basis for balanced relationships. So, people can enjoy their time together and with each other. Usually, bonds like this can survive challenges and be nourishing for both. However, negative soul ties and connections are draining for both. Those toxic bonds often deplete people of life-force energy and cause hurt. This emotional upset can also extend to family and friends.

A healthy etheric cord binds the etheric bodies of happy lovers. Likewise, they can form between friends or family members. Usually, these cords help to exchange good thoughts and feelings. Not surprisingly, they are a thing of beauty, and we cherish them. Consciously nurturing a healthy cord will keep it active for a long time. It can emit loving energy as long as people want to stay connected. It also can support energy exchange between humans and animals.


How do we know if the cord is healthy?

As a rule, the etheric cords are in good shape if they are:  

  1. Support the free exchange of positive energy.
  2. This exchange is beneficial to both parties.
  3. It emits loving and nurturing energy.


Blocked, Broken Or Negative Etheric Cords

Etheric cords, like anything else, can get blocked or broken. Sadly, sometimes the use of the cords is not what you expect. Negative people or beings use them to draw life force energy from others. These beings often reside outside our reality. 

Ungodly and Demonic Soul Ties and Connection

Mystics of the past talked about either and the beings who reside there. They believed that the world is a transitional place for some living things. Rudolf Steiner thought it was midway between the physical and the astral. He described an etheric body as the life force that animates us. He also believed that this force was present in the plant kingdom.

Carlos Castaneda thought etheric beings are intelligent aliens. He recognized that they are always there. But these living beings are usually out of our perception. According to some occult writers, those creatures are mystical entities. Remarkably they are on a different branch from our line of evolution.

Also, the substance that created them or made them is unlike ours. Etheric beings can travel between the mystical and the physical world. They also can interact with us in the material form. Even though there is a lot of research, science does not acknowledge them. However, paranormal and psychics researchers claim these beings are real. What’s more, religious, magic, and folkloric texts also mention them.

Karmic Soul Connection

Most karmic soul connections are negative and harmful to the soul. Sometimes we bring these connections from previous lives. Other times we create new karmic connections during this lifetime.

Karmic connections can be to a person or an entity. A connection like that will have a blocked etheric cord to support it. Sooner or later, that cord gets congested with negative thoughts and feelings. In time this situation will become toxic and harmful to the soul.

Psychic Soul Connection and Symptoms Of Soul Ties

It is not surprising that some souls have psychic soul connections. But certain souls have stronger connections than others. The souls experiencing etheric love feel their bond the most. Twin Flames also have a strong psychic soul connection between them.

Have you noticed that the Twin Flame love is similar to the Etheric Love? They are both born outside the physical world. But they have one big difference between them. You only can have one Twin Flame!

In contrast, you meet many Etheric Loves throughout your life. Also, the Twin Flames usually have a romantic connotation. But, The Etheric Loves is not uncommon among friends and family members. Sometimes your Etheric Love can also be your Twin Flame! You will then experience an incredible and rare intensity of feelings.

Breaking Soul Ties And Connections

Dealing With Soul Ties and Connection

Anyone who is dealing with soul ties knows how complex they are. First of all, they can affect you both physically and emotionally. Secondly, they have an impact on your spiritual well-being. To deal with those ties effectively, you need to understand their nature. They are non-physical because they originate in the astral. Hence, we heal or remove them in these realms.

The soul ties are not visible to the naked eye. However, you can see and feel them during meditation or astral travel. Here is a short description of the etheric ties to help you find them. The soul ties look like cords and consist of etheric matter. This is why we call them etheric cords. They form energy connections between souls and etheric bodies. These connections look like floating strings. They can change their color but usually look like a silver cord. They reflect the ever-changing emotional state of those connected.

For instance, a positive connection with a loved one creates a silvery cord. A link like this looks healthy, bright, and shimmering. Positive ties shine with the brilliance of love that nurtures them. On the other hand, negative cords appear dull and faded. Soul ties can be positive or negative. They can either support or drain your energy.

    Breaking Spiritual Soul Ties

    You need to take care when attempting to break spiritual soul ties. We can compare this procedure to a physical surgery. However, removing soul ties can be even more complex and dangerous. It also can have more severe and far-reaching effects. Any part of the procedure can go wrong. And you might end up worse off at the end. Before you decide to remove soul ties, make sure you understand the steps involved.

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin


    How To Break Spiritual Soul Ties and Connection:

    1. First, you need to understand what type of soul connection you are dealing with.
    2. Secondly, try to find out why you have this tie.
    3. Thirdly, make sure that it is in your soul’s highest interest to remove it.
    4. And most importantly, determine the safest way to break it.


    Look for the answers to these questions during your soul-searching meditations. Spend sufficient time with yourself and put enough effort into those inquiries. Keep going until you find the clarity and the answers you are looking for.

    Here is a word of caution. The most beneficial soul-searching meditations are heart-centered. When searching for the answers, avoid influences from the outside of your heart. With that said, let’s move on to other things you need to know to deal with soul ties.


    Toxic Etheric Cords

    A negative soul connection can result in a blocked etheric cord. In this case, negative thoughts and feelings will ultimately congest the cord. The blocked etheric cord can:

    1. Slows your energy exchange.
    2. The life force energy becomes stagnant.
    3. Eventually, the cord will get toxic.

    Breaking Toxic Soul Connection and Ties

    We do not always understand why soul ties become toxic. But with intense soul-searching, we can find that out. Below is a list of possible reasons why soul connection became toxic. 

    1. Unresolved past or parallel lives issues;
    2. Karmic debt that is not yours;
    3. Life-force energy theft by people or entities;


    Meditating on these points can help you find out what causes a toxic bond. Your meditation will also bring other related issues to the surface. 

    What are the Ungodly, Evil, or Demonic Ties? And How to Break them?

    We can break ungodly, evil, or demonic ties safely. However, to do that, we first need to learn more about them. Initially, soul ties played an essential role in energy exchange. Souls shared the energy of love, cooperation, and aid using those cords. However, at some stage, the etheric cords became vulnerable to abuse. With time, it became possible to use them as devices to steal energy.

    Negative souls also use the cords to reinforce harmful soul ties. Both negative entities and people use evil ties to drain energy. But they use the ties differently. People can drain energy either intentionally or subconsciously. But, for negative entities, it is always a deliberate act.


    Evil Ties And Draining Of Life Force Energy

    An entity can insert its cord into a person’s etheric body. They also can use your cord to divert your life force energy from you. They can insert the etheric cord at any of your chakras. The choice of chakra depends on the kind of sustenance the thief is after. Certain soul groups, like Draconians, often cord their loved ones at the heart chakra. In those cases, the victim feels worn out and upset. Malicious entities can also insert the cords at any energy point.

    You can find these energy points throughout your etheric body. At times the perpetrator plugs the cord directly into the victim’s body. It can be a physical, mental, or emotional body. Both negative people and entities can use this practice. But, some people drain energy from others without realizing it. They are doing that because they lost the ability to get their own.

    The etheric cords are efficient devices that support energy flow. They not only connect people but connect each living creature to the Creator. This is how we get our life force energy. We can’t survive without a healthy etheric connection to the Source.


    Why others drain your energy?

    Not everyone has healthy etheric cords that support energy flow. Hence, there is a lot of “hungry” people and entities looking for sustenance. These predators are looking for low resonance energy – the same as their own. They gather around those people who emit low vibrational energy. Then they can easily steal that negative energy from them.

    This is why those entities keep their victims in a low vibrational state. They continuously create emotional and mental drama. That, in turn, provides the release of negative emotions. The harmful energy of those emotions provides them with sustenance. If you feel affected by negative cords, you can learn how to help yourself here.


    Is it dangerous to break the ungodly, evil, or demonic ties?

    Yes, breaking ungodly, evil, or demonic ties is dangerous. However, it is vital for our survival. By draining your life force, negativity affects all areas of your life. As a result, soul lucidity and mental clarity can be at stake. It is also can be challenging for your soul to stay sovereign.

    How To Break Soul Connection and Ties

    To break soul ties, you need to find out if this is what your soul needs. If the answer is yes, you can start the process. You can break the soul tie in two ways.

    The first method is to cut and remove the cord that supports that connection. The second, more gentle approach is to clear the etheric cord. Both procedures are very delicate and intricate. So make sure you are well-prepared beforehand.

    You remember from our discussion above that etheric cords are neutral. Therefore, they can do both – supply the chi or take it away. Thus, they will either help to energize you or to deplete your life-force. You only consider cutting the etheric cord if it is harming you. If you can clear the cord to balance the bond with another soul, do this instead.

    How To Cut The Etheric Cord:


    1. The process of cutting the etheric cord starts with meditation.
    2. Bring yourself into an altered state of consciousness. Place energetic protection around yourself.
    3. In your mind’s eye, prepare an energetic plug to seal the wound. The wound will appear after you cut the cord off.
    4. Find the cord’s point of insertion. Do that by checking and feeling all your chakras and energy bodies.
    5. Now find out the answers to these questions:


    • Are you dealing with your original cord that became toxic?
    • Or someone else inserted their cord?
    • Is it in your etheric bodies or chakras?
    • Is it there to harm you?


    If you feel you need more help or protection – ask for it.


    If you are working with your original cord, visualize the following:

    • Unplug the cord on both sides.
    • Clean it and plug back into yourself.
    • Plug it back into another person if you want to repair that connection.
    • If an evil entity used the cord, cut it off from the intruder.
    • Then plug the cord back to the Source.


    If the cord is not yours, cut it off from both sides. Then visualize the following:

    • After removing the cord, make sure it is not coming back. Do it by sending it to the Furnace of the Light. Then watch it burning and disappearing. 
    • Heal your wound with the etheric energy. 
    • Seal it with the plug you prepared earlier. 
    • Check if the chakra or the etheric body are healing well.


    This is how you cut the etheric cord to break a soul tie.  

    Breaking A Soul Mate Connection, Emotional Soul Ties or Family Soul Ties

    Breaking a soul mate connection can be a very intense process. The same often applies when you are dealing with family ties. The aftermath of the process can be very long and painful. You also need to consider its impact on your emotional well-being. It will most likely affect your mental and physical states.

    Therefore, you need to use your intuition when making this decision. A high level of discernment will also serve you well in this situation. Please use your wisdom to decide if cutting soul ties is in your soul’s interests. You can use the same technique described above to break any soul connection.

    That applies to a soul mate connection, emotional, or family ties. Please remember a critical aspect of this course of action. Cutting off emotional ties with loved ones is always painful. Take good care of yourself and make sure to have plenty of rest afterward.

    Cleansing Soul Ties

    Fortunately, cleansing soul ties are less intrusive than removing them. Sometimes we don’t know what is better to remove or cleanse the ties. Heart-centered meditation can help to decide on a course of action. Please remember that this decision often depends on one crucial issue. This issue relates to the etheric cord that supports the soul tie.


    Start the decision process by meditating on these points:

    • Do you know who is draining your energy?
    • Do you have unresolved issues with them?
      What are these issues?
    • Can you resolve these issues without cutting the cord?


    If you decide to cleanse the soul ties, instead of cutting them start with the cord. First, you need to unplug and repair the etheric cord that supports that tie. This procedure is better left to the trained healers. But if you have experience working on the etheric plane, please go ahead. Remember, the effective way to work with ties is always on the astral plane. We achieve this during meditation or OBE.


    Steps To clear The Toxic Soul Ties:

    1. Activate spiritual protection.
    2. Find the cord’s point of attachment. This can be at any etheric chakra or energy body. The cord can connect to more than one chakra or body. In this case, you will see or feel a web of energetic chains. They most likely will make you feel unwell and restricted.
    3. Unplug and clear the cord with etheric energy.
    4. Plug it back in.
    5. Upon finishing the work, ensure your safety. Check that no one has followed you from the astral to the physical.


    How Long Does It Take To Break A Soul Tie?

    Because the soul ties are not physical, we don’t think of them in terms of time. Working with the cords in the etheric realm will break them instantly. How long it takes for the effects to manifest in the physical world? That depends on many factors but you can speed up that process. One way to do that is to apply the laws of manifestation to your life. You can do this by practicing visualization and other techniques. Accept that those ties are now broken and can’t affect you any longer. Also, visualize healthy connections with the Source and others. Most importantly, live your life to attract positive connections.

    How To Break A Soul Tie For Someone Else?

    Sometimes, our loved ones are suffering from toxic relationships. Of course, we want to help and take our friends away from this toxicity. That can happen even if they cannot see that the connection is damaging. However, we cannot interfere in those situations. There are a few valid reasons for that. First of all, all souls are sovereign and responsible for their own journey. A cosmic law prohibits any interference without the victim’s request. Plus, we don’t have a complete picture of the situation on the soul level. That doesn’t mean that we are powerless to watch our loved one’s suffering.  

    This is what we can do when we want to break a soul tie for somebody else:

    • During your meditations, connect with the loved one at a soul level.
    • Observe the toxic connection without judging.
    • Don’t try to interfere or break the connection.
    • Send healing energy towards the loved one.
    • Protect yourself from the residue of that toxic connection.
    • Create a loving space for the loved one in day-to-day life.

    Soul Family

    Wondering about soul family can be a sign of awakening. We all know that soul-searching can be a lonely journey. This is why we often fantasize about a cosmic family. A family that we might once have. A family that understood and supported us in our quests. Sadly, these dreams do not always reflect reality.

    Yes, the soul families are real. But they are not always what we think they are. There are many reasons why we incarnate here at certain times. Often it is to work on our unresolved soul issues. Other times we are here on a mission. But sadly, sometimes we are here to escape our soul family.

    Running away from where your soul first incarnated is not that unusual. We know that there are souls that no longer can incarnate into their own worlds. We call them cosmic soul refugees or travelers. These souls run away from their world as a result of the conflict or distraction. Be it a war, catastrophe, spiritual opposition, or misfortune.

    Providentially, we always find other souls to resonate with. Our etheric soul DNA is not the only thing that connects us. Often, it is our energetic resonance that draws us to our family.

    Soul Tribe

    There is a difference between a soul family and a soul tribe. The souls that belong to the same family share the same etheric DNA. But, souls that belong to the same tribe share similar energetic vibrations. These souls rarely incarnate into a tribe. Normally, they find each other while trying to complete their mission. Each tribe is first formed on the astral level. Normally, each member accepts their tasks before their incarnation. Each soul is then gifted with a set of special abilities. These abilities are necessary to progress with a mission. They are further developed and honed with each lifetime.

    Every member’s skills complement the abilities of others. They work in concert and help to achieve their common goals. The Soul tribe provides the members with understanding, help, and comfort. A feeling of belonging to a tribe always pushes you to look for it. You will not stop and have no rest until you find your people. After reuniting with your comrades, you will finally remember why you are here. And start tirelessly working on the task at hand.


    Starseed Families

    We call these souls star seeds for a special reason. From the time of their creation, Starseed souls were different from any other souls. Their purpose and mission are to serve the Universe and the Creator. They are doing this by bringing Light and Love to troubled times and places. In a time of change, they are our teachers and supporters. Starseeds are brave souls that always defeat darkness.

    During their physical incarnations, they normally feel here out of place. It also can be hard for them to function in the physical body. They rarely fully integrate into society and often are loners. Starseed’s special wiring shields them from mental and emotional programming. They stay unaffected by cultural, political, or ethnic values.

    These people usually possess high emotional intelligence. Therefore, they are sensitive, emphatic, and willing to help. Starseeds come here with extraordinary gifts and abilities. These powers help them to achieve their goals and lead the evolution of souls.

    Starseed families are often small and keep together in the physical world. However, in difficult times, they can come in vast numbers. Starseed families can include souls with different etheric DNA. These families come from all over the Universe.

    What bonds them together is very high energetic vibrations. These vibrations become a powerful symphony of Love. They also unite Starseed families to work in a common effort. Their effort helps to achieve positive change on the planet.