Spiritual Energy Consultation

Spirituality wellness and soul protection are the core elements of a spiritual energy consultation. In this consultation, we explore the psychic energy encompassing your mind, body, and spirit, nurturing your spirituality, and safeguarding your soul. By connecting with the universal energy surrounding us, you can attain harmony and balance in all aspects of life. My ultimate objective is to guide and assist your path toward inner growth and self-discovery. Through energy healing, you can unlock your inner truth.

Furthermore, I aim to offer a safe and confidential space for you to express any concerns or questions. This allows for a more holistic approach to spiritual well-being. In conclusion, spiritual energy consultation offers the opportunity to explore and nurture the connection between your mind, body, and spirit, creating a heightened awareness and a profound connection to the divine energies surrounding us.

Spiritual energy consultation

Spiritual Energy and Protection Consultation can Address the Following Issues:

Spiritual Health, Connection and Purpose

  • Feeling disconnected from your spiritual energy 

When you are disconnected from your spiritual energy or path, you experience a sense of detachment from a higher purpose. This, in turn, results in a feeling of being disconnected from your inner self. 

  • Lack of spiritual fulfillment

Your spiritual health is affected when you feel a void or emptiness in your spiritual life. As a result, you may long for deeper meaning, purpose, or fulfillment in your spiritual practices and experiences that create a healthy spiritual body.

  • Struggling to find purpose and meaning in life

Spirituality wellness can be affected by a lack of clarity or uncertainty about your life’s purpose. Therefore, struggling to find meaning or direction often leads to dissatisfaction or confusion about your life’s path.

  • Seeking guidance on your spiritual journey

We often have a desire or need for guidance, support, or insight to navigate a spiritual journey. A balanced mind, body, and spirit can be achieved when seeking answers to more profound questions. Thus, understanding spiritual concepts and seeking guidance always enhance our spiritual growth and development.

Spiritual Healing, Trauma and Soul Retrieval

  • Clearing energetic attachments or entities 

You need assistance if you sense your spiritual health, mind, body, and spirit are unbalanced due to energetic interference. Negative influences can impact any spiritual body. They also can affect your soul. Hence, severing energetic connections that may compromise your spirituality wellness is crucial. These connections could drain your energy and disrupt your efforts to regain balance. Soul retrieval and soul protection are two profound practices that come to mind here.

  • Releasing karmic patterns or contracts

Identifying and releasing recurring patterns, cycles, or agreements that stem from past experiences or lifetimes is important for healthy spiritual bodies. This is because these patterns, or karma, may impact your present life. By consciously acknowledging and releasing these patterns, you can free yourself from their influence and create new pathways for transformation.

  • Resolving past-life traumas affecting your spirituality wellness 

Your mind, body, and spirit need healing from unresolved traumas, wounds, or imprints from previous lifetimes. Exploring and resolving these past-life traumas can release their hold on your present life. As a result, you will gain deeper insights into your psychic energy and promote healing.

Energetic Balance and Alignment

  • Restoring psychic energy and spiritual health after a traumatic event

Replenishing your psychic energy following a traumatic experience involves healing and releasing any energetic imbalances. It also needs to repair the affected energetic body. Soul retrieval, and soul protection, and nurturing of your spiritual essence will help you regain a sense of wholeness and balance.

  • Strengthening your aura and energetic boundaries

Fortifying and reinforcing your energetic field, the aura creates a more robust and healthier energetic boundary. It also creates more healthy spiritual bodies. Hence, setting clear boundaries will protect you from negative or draining energies. It also will enhance your energetic resilience and maintains a balanced and harmonious energy field.

  • Clearing past-life vows, oaths, or contracts that no longer serve you

We need to identify and release negative attachments to maintain a healthy flow of psychic energy. These include, for example, any vows, oaths, or contracts made in previous lifetimes that no longer align with your highest good or spiritual path. By consciously releasing these agreements, you free yourself from their binding effects. This, in turn, will open space for new experiences, growth, and spiritual expansion.

A woman with a healthy mind body and spirit

The method for the spiritual energy body consultation:


  1. First, I review your provided intake form to understand your spiritual background and spiritual health.
  2. Then, I conduct a needs assessment to pinpoint your spiritual requirements and potential areas of imbalance.
  3. Afterward, I delve into your spiritual practices, beliefs, and experiences to spot potential energetic imbalances or blockages.
  4. This process helps me identify any unresolved issues or disharmony within your spiritual energy body.
  5. Next, I apply psychic and intuitive techniques to gain insights and validate the condition of your spiritual energy.
  6. I then assess your spiritual energy body to discover potential attachments or negative energies.
  7. Later, I investigate potential energetic triggers that may disturb your spiritual balance and well-being.
  8. Consequently, I analyze the identified spiritual imbalances, detailing their specific energetic locations, root causes, and potential consequences.
  9. After that, I establish healing objectives aiming to restore your spiritual balance and alignment.

Healing Plan

  1. Subsequently, I develop an energy healing strategy based on the assessment and intuitive information I’ve received.
  2. Then, I create a healing implementation plan, outlining specific spiritual practices and techniques catered to your needs.
  3. Once complete, I email you a comprehensive report of the findings, your personalized healing plan, and implementation guidelines.
  4. Lastly, I schedule a video conference for one week after you receive your healing and implementation plan, marking the conclusion of this consultation.
A man in a soul protection ritual

This Spiritual energy consultations focus on exploring and nurturing your spiritual health, mind, body, and spirit connection. It also aims to foster psychic energy, a healthy spiritual body, and soul protection.

By connecting with the universal energy, we can attain harmony and balance in all aspects of life. This is why my ultimate objective for this consultation is to guide and assist you in inner growth and self-discovery. This, in turn, will help you to balance your psychic energy. This also will help to unlock your inner truth through energy healing.

Disconnection from spiritual energy can lead to detachment from a higher purpose. Consequently, this can result in a lack of spiritual fulfillment. Moreover, struggles to find purpose and meaning in life can also affect spiritual wellness. Therefore, seeking guidance on a spiritual journey can enhance healing and transformation.

The most important part of this consultation is identifying and helping you to clear energetic attachments.

We can restore our psychic energy by releasing karmic patterns or contracts and resolving past-life traumas. After traumatic events, we must also repair and strengthen our aura and energetic boundaries. Releasing past-life vows, oaths, or contracts that no longer serve you can also help maintain a healthy flow of psychic energy. Soul retrieval and soul protection are equally important parts of this work.

Furthermore, my spiritual energy consultation offers you a safe and confidential space to express your concerns or questions. This, in turn, will allow for a holistic approach to spiritual healing.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you where the help is needed.