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Some esoteric writers of the past share their first-hand knowledge of spiritual entities. Hence, we know that spiritual entities reside in higher dimensions. We also understand that they are created from different energetic substances than we are. Additionally, old texts confirm that most spiritual entities can travel between worlds and interact with us in the physical form. Some types of spiritual beings that we know of include angelic beings and evil spirits and entities. In this article, we will also concentrate on elemental spirits and ancestor spirits. We will also briefly consider the implications of Soul contracts and etheric implants because, in some cases, they relate to demonic spirits.

Even though modern science rarely acknowledges spiritual entities and elemental spirits, paranormal and psychic researchers claim these beings are real. Hence, philosophers of the past dedicated volumes to angelic beings and evil entities. For example, Rudolf Steiner talked about etheric reality as an intermediate between the physical and the astral world. Furthermore, Carlos Castaneda thought that etheric beings are intelligent aliens that live in that reality and are usually out of our perception.

spiritual entities and elemental spirits

Higher Dimensions Astral and Etheric Beings

Some of the Higher Dimensional spiritual entities are Devas and Angelic Beings.

Angelic Beings

According to esoteric writings, there are three lines of angelic beings – Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. Furthermore, each group of angelic beings divides further into three hierarchies making a total of nine Angelic spheres. In folk culture, angelic beings are often referred to and called for help and assistance in difficult situations. Hence, they are well-known and accepted in literature and life.


Devas are beautiful and powerful beings living in the Earth’s atmosphere and inside the sun. They are guardians of the Earth’s nature and the evolution of plants. Devas initially incarnated on this planet. However, today we only can see them with the third eye. In Buddhism, Devas are mighty beings; they are mortals but live for thousands to billions of years. Moreover, Divas have individual personalities and can experience emotions.

Spiritual Entities and elemental spirits - Deva

Evil Spirits and Demonic Spirits

Evil spirits, including demonic spirits, don’t have a structured organization. Instead, they are mischievous and disorganized.

Elemental Spirits

Nature or elemental spirits are of the Earth, Water, Air, or Fire. We share the same planet with the elemental spirits, but they have never been, nor ever will be, part of humanity. Likewise, their lineage differs from ours and is of the higher evolutionary line. Nature and Elemental Spirits can be invisible or take on any form or shape they desire. Also, they like to appear in human form but have definite shapes of their own. They differ in intelligence and life spent.

A myriad of different nature and elemental spirits share our natural environment. Here are a few of the elemental spiritual entities you are probably familiar with:


  • Elves
  • Fairies
  • Gnomes
  • Ondines
  • Salamanders
  • Sylphs
elemental spirits

Ancestor Spirits

Ancestor Spirits are familiar in Native American shamanic traditions and are of two kinds: Of A Deceased Human and A Deceased Animal.

Spiritual Entities

Spiritual Entities: The Etheric Blocks and Attachments

The etheric attachments or blockages occur because a human’s energetic blueprint gets corrupted by both people and evil spiritual entities. It happens because negative or devolving entities don’t have access to the vital life force energy. Hence, they are always looking for opportunities to draw that energy to sustain themselves and prolong their existence. Most of the time, they are opportunistic, but once attached, it might be challenging to get rid of them. Depending on the strength and nature of the evil entities, they can stock their victim lifetime after lifetime.

When a negative entity attaches to the Subtle body, they install and run energetic programs through the victim’s mind and body. Moreover, these programs change a person’s natural responses to the environment and stimuli. Additionally, these programs can provoke negative emotions and thoughts.

As a result, this negative programming affects victims’ emotional, mental, or physical bodies. In addition, those programs create foreign thought patterns that a person identifies as their own. Therefore, a victim starts to think, feel, and behave negatively, often against their interests and for the evil entities’ benefit.

Woman's attachment

Spiritual Entities – Demonic Spirits

Negative Entity Attachments Such As Demonic And Psychic Entities

We need to discuss evil entities and negative attachments in the light of healing work. Hence, these attachments can be placed or activated by demonic or evil spirits, they are extremely dangerous. The evil entities can attache the implants to someone with a vital life force, such as a human or animal. Moreover, most evil spirits’ attachments have similar purposes and functionality. They are tools of control. Therefore, evil spirits and or demonic spirits can use them to extract and divert the victim’s life force. The implants also stimulate negative emotions and thoughts, producing low-frequency energy suitable for evil spirits and demonic spirits consumption.

When accessing etheric or astral planes for your own healing or to help others, spiritual protection from evil spirits is of the most importance. Hence healers, mystics, and sages emphasize the significance of preliminary preparations to protect themselves from the influence of negative entities and demonic spirits. Moreover, this protection is as necessary before they access the higher planes as it is vital during and after work.

Furthermore, the basic knowledge of spiritual entities, demonic and psychic entities is essential for the healing work itself. For the healing work to be effective, you need to understand the nature of the entity you are dealing with.

Here are some examples of the negative attachments that can reside in the subtle bodies:


  • Negative Thought Forms
  • Compassionate Connections With Any Other Soul
  • Soul Contracts
  • A Perception Of Karma
  • Etheric Implants
  • Crystals Or Sigils Charged With Dark Energy
  • Open Portalways To Other Astral Planes, Past Lives Or Other Races Of Beings Or Parallel Lifetimes
  • A Curse Or A Spell
  • A Virus
  • False Or Shared Memory Or Memory Loss
demonic spirits and evil spirits soul contracts etheric implants

Spiritual Entities and Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are similar to karma and serve as a learning tool. Before each incarnation, a Soul contracts with other Souls to help itself during the incarnation or to find people we agreed to team up with and learn our lessons together. We can choose not to honour Soul contracts during our physical lives using our free will. However, it can often resolve a conflict between the parties, especially if one person is still working through the Soul contracts. Sometimes trickery makes Souls enter into contracts with negative beings or Souls. This situation can take us away from the path of spiritual progress and development.

Moon, waterfall where live elemental spirits demonic spirits evil spirits soul contracts etheric implants

Evil Spiritual Entities and Spectral Beings

The common characteristic of all spectral beings – is a lack of life force energy. They are attracted to natural sources of energy or living organisms like humans or animals. They also can sustain themselves with the energy coming from electronic devices. These beings are primarily attracted to negative emotional or mental energy, such as fear or dread.

Below is a short list of some spectral beings commonly attached to human energy bodies. These attachments can cause chakras unbalances.


  • Degenerated Souls
  • Ghosts
  • Hungry Ghosts
  • Poltergeists
  • Shadows
  • Thoughtforms
  • Tulpa
Implants and their origins

Etheric Implants

The etheric implants are examples of both extraterrestrial and terrestrial technology. Etheric implants resonance can be positive, neutral, negative and active or inactive. We find the implants in astral and physical bodies.

1. Positive Etheric Implants

Starseeds, Lightworkers, and extraterrestrial refugees often have positive implants to help them navigate the physical world. An active, positive implant can be left intact if so desired. Likewise, you can reconnect the positive implant to its original function if it is inactive.

2. Neutral Etheric Implants

We can clear and tune to their unique frequency active and inactive neutral implants. However, we can remove it if the neutral implant abstracts the energy flow in the subtle body.

3. Negative Etheric Implants

Harmful implants can draw on the victim’s energy. They also can control victims’ behaviour or run harmful programs. Typically, a group of negative beings collectively benefits from the implant as a power source. 

mandala with soul contracts etheric implants

Spiritual Entities, Etheric Implants and Their Origins

Etheric implants can be of the following origin:

  • Draconian etheric implants

Draconian implants are used to control and enslave positive Souls. They often entangle themselves in the endocrine and neurological systems of the victim. Usually, they affect more than one chakra.

  • Grey etheric implants

Grey implants can be physical or etheric. They are often installed during the alien abdication of the physical or astral body of the victim.

  • Sirian etheric implants

Original Sirian implants are positive devices. However, Sirian Replica can be positive or negative.

  • Pleiadean etheric implants

Pleiadean implants were widely used in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt. They were either received voluntary or implanted against the victim’s will. 

Etheric Implants And Energy Bodies

Negative implants can be placed and affect one or more subtle energy bodies. They can create negative mental, emotional or energetic patterns and affect the victim’s behaviour. For example, when an implant is found in the mental energy body, it creates negative thought patterns. If it is in the emotional body – victims’ natural thoughts will contradict the emotional patterns created by the implants. That can lead to irrational behaviour and unconscious reactions. Implants in the spiritual body are often a sign of a psychic attack. The astral implant can cause vulnerability during the altered states of consciousness and often leads to disturbed sleep patterns. On the other hand, a Karmic body implant can prevent resolving karmic issues.

Etheric Implants And Chakras


Etheric implants can be located at any chakra but are most commonly found in the fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras and occasionally at the seventh.

Here are some broad examples of how implants can affect chakras: 

Heart Chakra 

An implant close to the Heart Chakra makes it difficult to feel or express love or build healthy relationships.

Throat Chakra

Implants at the Throat Chakra can prevent you from expressing yourself or authentically communicating with others.  

Third Eye Chakra

An implant located at the Third Eye can prevent accessing or trusting intuitive abilities or connecting to your Higher Self.

Crown Chakra

Those implants can make you unable to work with the life force energy or to access your powers.

Harmful implants corrupt your energy system and make healing difficult. Removing the implants requires an investigation of their nature, location, and purpose. It is also essential to find out how they affect your subtle Body and Chakras. 


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