Starseed and Soul family

Soul Family

Wondering about Starseed, Soul or tribe family can signify awakening. However, we all know that soul-searching can be a lonely journey. This is why we often fantasize about a cosmic family. A family that we might once have. A family that understood and supported us in our quests. Sadly, these dreams do not always reflect reality. Yes, the soul families are real. But they are only sometimes what we think they are. Remember, there are many reasons why we incarnate here at certain times. Often it is to work on our unresolved Soul issues. Other times we are here on a mission. But sadly, sometimes we are here to escape our soul family.

Moreover, running away from where your Soul first incarnated is not unusual in Starseed’s community. Unfortunately, we know that there are Souls that no longer can incarnate into their own worlds. Hence, we call them cosmic Soul refugees or travellers. These souls run away from their planet due to conflict or distraction. Be it a war, catastrophe, spiritual opposition, or misfortune. However, we are often fortunate to find other souls we can resonate with. Furthermore, our etheric Soul DNA is not the only thing that connects us. Often, it is our energetic resonance that draws us to our cosmic family

Soul family in a sky with a zodiac

Soul Tribe

Is there a difference between a soul family and a soul tribe? Yes, there is. The Souls that belong to the same family share the same etheric DNA. But, Souls that belong to the same tribe only share similar energetic vibrations. Hence, these Souls rarely incarnate into a tribe. Typically, they find each other while trying to complete their mission.

Moreover, each tribe is first formed on the astral level. Typically, each member accepts their tasks before their incarnation. As a result, each Soul is then gifted with unique abilities. These abilities are necessary to progress with a mission. Additionally, these abilities can be further developed and honed with each lifetime.

In a Soul tribe, each member’s skills complement the abilities of others. As a result, they work in concert to achieve their common goals. Also, the Soul tribe provides the members with understanding, help, and comfort. This is why a feeling of belonging to a tribe always pushes us towards looking for it. Therefore, we only stop and rest once we find our people. After reuniting with our comrades, we finally remember why we are here and start tirelessly working on the task at hand. 

Starseed Families

We call some Souls star seeds for a reason. This is because, from their creation, Starseed Souls differed from any other Souls. Their purpose and mission are to serve the Universe and the Creator. They do this by bringing Light and Love to troubled times and places. Moreover, they are our teachers and supporters in a time of change. Hence, Starseeds are brave souls that always defeat darkness.

Additionally, they usually feel out of place during their physical incarnations. It also can be challenging for them to function in the physical body. Furthermore, they rarely fully integrate into society and often are loners. Fortunately, Starseed’s special wiring shields them from mental and emotional programming. Therefore, they stay unaffected by cultural, political, or ethnic values.

These people usually possess high emotional intelligence. Consequently, they are sensitive, emphatic, and willing to help others. In addition, starseeds come here with extraordinary gifts and abilities. These powers help them to achieve their goals and lead the evolution of the Souls. Moreover, Starseed families are often small and kept together in the physical world. However, in difficult times, they can come in vast numbers. Starseed families can include Souls with different etheric DNA. These families come from all over the Universe. What bonds them together is very high energetic vibrations. These vibrations become a powerful symphony of Love. They also unite Starseed families to work in a joint effort. Their effort helps to achieve positive change on the planet.


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