Subtle Body Energy Work

Subtle Body Energy Work, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

We are energy beings, empowered and strengthened by the universe around us. Therefore, the life force in our subtle energy body, aura, and chakra energy centres protects us. However, we need energy healing work when negative life experiences block or harm our energy bodies.

Moreover, negativity can block our energy flow. Then, energy will build up and accumulate until it blocks the chakras. This energetic unbalance potentially stops us from enjoying an emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy existence. Sometimes, these negative energy blockages lead to disease or chronic illness. It’s no coincidence, for instance, that stress leads to unhealthful weight gain and chronic ailments like high blood pressure.

But, many find peace, solace and healing in consistent, subtle body energy work. This work can prevent energy blockages from forming. This mending and renewal can take dozens of different forms. This process focuses on bringing your body and Soul back into balance with the Universal Laws.

Man is doing energy healing work on energy body and subtle body with spiritual body vibrations

Healing with The Subtle Body Energy and Spiritual Body Vibrations

Here are a few of the most traditional and common healing practices. Hopefully, you find them helpful in your quest for a more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling life. In addition, we can use some of these healing methods in concert to amplify their effects and benefits.

One of these practices is subtle aromatherapy. Subtle aromatherapy makes use of the vibrational frequencies of essential oils. Thus, their frequencies interact with the body’s energy fields and centres. This, in turn, helps to shift a person’s energy fields in a process referred to as persuasive resonance. In effect, these essential oils carry the life force of plants, and we can use that life force to synergise with your subtle body’s life force. Consequently, this leads to healing, repairing and balancing our aura and chakra energy centres.

However, this healing method isn’t limited to our aura energy fields and chakra energy wheels. Subtle aromatherapy and essential oils can also restore and innervate our psyche, emotions and physical body. These benefits are primarily due to the essential oils’ volatile compounds that affect the brain’s limbic system.

On a more sensory level, subtle aromatherapy also aids our energy and spiritual and physical well-being. It does it with the beauty of its fragrances. Just as brilliant works of art or music stir our senses, essential oils fill us with positive emotions. They inspire, motivate, energise and exhilarate us. These affirming emotions can help harmonise our chakra energy centres. Therefore they ultimately change our aura, emotions and spiritual outlook.

A woman doing the Energy Work

Healing Subtle Energy Body with Aura Cleansing

As we go through life, our aura energy fields collect negative “dirt”. This “dirt” comprises lower, negative vibrations and other non-harmonic energies. Moreover, these energies sap our strength and health. However, we can cleanse our aura of negative energy in various ways. A simple way is to meditate, which grounds you and allows your energy fields to release unwanted or unhelpful energies. We can are aura meditations specifically for this purpose, but a routine meditation practice will also benefit us.

Furthermore, our chakra energy wheels collect, process, and transmit energy within our aura fields. Ensuring that these energy centres are aligned and balanced can help to heal our subtle body. We can achieve chakra balancing through meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and other methods. Additionally, spiritual healing and acupuncture are excellent in healing and restoring our subtle body’s energy. Aromatherapy can also be used with most of these methods, giving your life’s and subtle body energy several pathways for cleansing and repair.

A man cleansing aura

Energy Bodies

Western medicine only views the body as the physical mass we can see and feel with our senses. However, Eastern medicine has long believed there is more to the body than flesh and blood. In Eastern medicine, any discussion of diagnosing and healing illnesses in the physical body must include the chi, or prana energy, the invisible life force that flows through invisible channels called “meridians.”

This web of energy surrounding the body is said to exist in all life. When the energy becomes blocked or weak, it produces sickness and disease. While the typical health recommendations of diet and exercise in Western medicine still apply, various additional techniques can also produce astounding physical results in the Eastern tradition. These techniques, including acupuncture, rely on the meridian system.

men standing together with their auras visible

Energy Work

According to ancient esoteric knowledge, the body has seven main chakra points. Chakras are like wheels that spin energy in and out of the body. The life force is said to enter the seventh chakra at the crown of the head and flow down like a waterfall as it encounters six more: the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral and the root chakra (which is near the base of the spine). Each chakra is the primary energy point that feeds a specific portion of the body and is associated with particular mental and emotional patterns. This energy travels in the body through the meridians and goes to different parts to sustain health and well-being.

subtle energy body with spiritual body vibrations

Energy Healing Work

Many healing modalities work with the energy body to stimulate and enhance the life force. Therefore, even the message will impact the energetic body. Sometimes a practitioner works directly with the energetic body by using the blueprint to direct energy in and around specific areas. For example, they use light or deep touches and specific fingers, all of which relate to different energies.
Meditating can often increase chi, while meditative exercises like Qi-Gong can help improve health and general well-being. Qi is chi in this system, and pain is caused by stagnating Qi, from either too much or too little of it in different areas of the body. According to this belief system, the solution to pain reduction is to get the Qi moving via special exercises that create motion in the energetic and physical body.
Some Qi-Gong practitioners can generate warmth by controlling their Qi to keep themselves warm and dry even in snowy, wet areas. In addition, energetic work like massage, Qi-Gong exercises or energy healing that impact the body directly affect the etheric body and can clear blockages in the energetic body and increase the flow of chi.

A figure of a man walking on a beach doing energy work for subtle energy body achieving spiritual body vibrations

Energy Body Work

Chinese health practitioners have long believed in a gridwork of energetic lines that carry the life force, chi, in and around the body, helping to support health and well-being. The Hindus had different names for this system, and the life force was known as “prana.” This ancient information was used in many healing systems long before Western medicine emerged. It is important to remember that the meridians or channels that carry the life force have specific points associated with the health and well-being of different organs and parts of the body.

Applying needles can help reduce pain by stimulating the points where the life force is associated with that part of the body. It takes Chinese medicine practitioners 14 years of study to master this energy body, but we will only have time to review it. Covering some things in this complicated and intricate gridwork system is possible. Suffice it to say that every living being has an energetic body with its chakras, and even our Earth has a system of chakras and energy grids similar to the human body.

Esoteric symbol of the etheric bodies

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