Supernatural Powers and Psychic Abilities

There is a difference between supernatural powers and psychic abilities. Each has a unique aspect, but both can be useful in applied energy healing. Psychic abilities generally have more recognition in the scientific community. Although traditional science has yet to embrace psychic ability fully, many scientists admit that this is due to a lack of understanding. As the scientific community learns more about these gifts, experiments will provide proof of different types of psychic abilities. On the other hand, supernatural powers are often kept in the shadows by those who possess them. Sadly, people often fear what they cannot understand or explain. It is, therefore, true that scientists afford supernatural abilities less recognition. Nonetheless, we will provide you with a list of supernatural powers here.

A girl is sitting on water demonstrating supernatural powers and psychic abilities

The Most Common Types of Psychic Abilities and Their Uses

  • Astral or mental projection is the first on our list of psychic abilities. We sometimes refer to this practice as an out-of-body experience or OOBE. Astral projection occurs when the physical and spiritual bodies separate. Those who have mastered the technique can accomplish it with intent, and many believe it also happens unconsciously during sleep. Astral projection has many uses, including exploring past lives and pursuing universal wisdom.
  • Divination is a psychic ability to divine or predict future events. We also can use it to shed light on past occurrences. Moreover, we need tools like Tarot cards or systems like the I Ching for Divination.
  • Dowsing is a type of divination that relies upon dowsing rods. Scientific research supports this psychic ability. Dowsing is frequently used to locate water and buried items. It is also one of the types of psychic abilities that can assist in soul alchemy and individual spiritual growth.
  • Energy Medicine harnesses universal energy and directs it into oneself or another for healing. Energy healing helps to balance the soul, body, and mind.
  • Levitation or Transvection refers to using esoteric techniques to cause a body or other items to rise into the air.


  • Mediumship or Channeling – this psychic ability allows one to become a “channel” or pathway for the deceased or other incarnate spirits to communicate with the living. It can help to glean valuable information from the realm of spirit.
  • Precognition or Premonition – those precognitive or those who experience premonitions can see future events before they occur. History recorded the stories of individuals who could prevent a tragedy using this psychic ability.
  • Psychokinesis or Telekinesis – these types of psychic abilities are similar but not precisely the same. Both involve the ability to impact physical matter without physical contact. The mind is used in these skills to effect changes in physical matter.
  • Psychometry or Psychoscopy – allow an individual to ascertain the history of a physical object or place by being in physical contact with it. In addition, it helps determine the presence of negative emotions or energies that could be attached to an object or location.
  • Remote Viewing, Telesthesia or Remote Sensing – these types of psychic abilities allow one to see beyond their present location and view things in another place as they happen in real-time. It can help locate lost objects and has many other positive applications.
  • Retrocognition or Post Cognition – retrocognition allows an individual to gain knowledge of past events they could not have known by any other means. It can help root out suppressed memories that can have a negative impact on the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Telepathy – is the ability to issue communication with another solely through the mind. This can be useful in communicating with the subconscious mind of another. 

 A List of The Most Common Supernatural Powers and Their Uses

  • Mind Control – mind control is one example of supernatural powers. It allows manipulating others for ill or for good. To do so for the ill would be dangerous for both the victims and the perpetrators.
  • Healing is a truly divine gift that allows one to repair sickness of the soul, body, or mind in themselves or others.
  • Telekinesis is one of the supernatural abilities to affect physical matter using only the mind.
  • Shapeshifting – this supernatural power allows one to assume the form of another being, animal or human. Many believe that the ability was common among Native American tribes.
  • Soul Reading – enables one to ascertain the presence of a soul, its location, and its state.
  • Exorcism is the ability to remove harmful energies, entities, or forces that have attached themselves.
  • Empathy – an empath can feel and even absorb the emotions of others. Those so gifted must take special care to avoid negative people.


A wolf is shapeshifting with supernatural powers and psychic abilities
  • Dream Walking – is an instrumental skill that permits one to inhabit the dreams of another. It is also helpful when engaging in communication with the subconscious.
  • Electrokinesis – the ability to manipulate electrical circuits and devices. As a result, users may be able to disrupt the flow of electricity and even cause blackouts.
  • Conjuration – this may be defined as the power to create. At its heart, it is the most divine of supernatural powers. However, it can also refer to creation on non-physical levels.
  • Thermokinesis – those who possess this gift can alter the temperature in their surroundings. For example, they may be able to cause a room to become unbearably hot or cold.
  • Eidetic Memory – an eidetic memory accurately preserves the mind’s comprehension of past events. It allows the user to have an almost perfect recall of specific events.
  • Electromagnetic Interference is the ability to effect change in electrical objects or machinery.
  • Astral Perception is the ability to see or perceive events on the astral plane.

We can use Supernatural Powers and Psychic Abilities in Energy Healing.


The student can use all of the abilities that we have listed to accomplish energy healing in oneself or others. Indeed, many of these abilities work best when they are used to complement one another. Psychic and supernatural abilities are latent in every human being, and we can awaken them with the proper studies and preparation. Therefore, a part of soul alchemy is mastering the ability to use every power at your disposal for transformation.


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