The Solar Plexus Chakra

Considered your power center, your solar plexus chakra, your source of determination, laughter, drive, and self-esteem. Hence, it’s the location of your emotional “fire” and your physical “fire” or metabolism. Therefore, understanding the Solar plexus chakra Manipura location is essential to allow practical work when the solar plexus chakra is blocked.

the solar plexus chakra

Solar Plexus Manipura Chakra

What is Manipura?


The solar plexus chakra is commonly referred to by its Sanskrit origins as Manipura. The root “mani” translates to “gem” in English, and “pure” is a city. After all, this “jewel city” of your energy and mind-body connection relates to your perception of yourself. Moreover, it’s your confidence, responsibility, reliability, sense of personal power, and ego. 


Solar Plexus Chakra Through the Ages


Most of what we practice in modern, Western philosophies loosely derives from the original ancient scriptures in India. The term “chakra” dates back to before the common era, including the Vedas. Still, early philosophies of the chakras often included more psychic energy centers, or chakras, than the currently popular seven chakras.

Notably, the importance of the solar plexus chakra is shown by its correspondence to many other philosophies, religions, and practices. For instance, the lower Dantian furnace in Qigong is in Manipura’s area. It, too, is essential to the life essence of Jing, responsible for “gut feelings” and an energy center that fuels your power and action. 

A woman with manipura glowing

Solar Plexus Chakra Location

Where Is The Solar Plexus Manipura Chakra Location?

The understanding of Manipura chakra location is essential for balancing work. The solar plexus chakra is located around your navel and solar plexus, encompassing the pancreas and intestines. Essentially, it is the seat of your willpower, dynamism, sense of self, and drive to achieve.

Furthermore, this chakra is associated with yellow and corresponds to aromas such as lemongrass, sandalwood, rosemary, and cedarwood. In addition, it relates to the element of fire, a fitting metaphor for the physical manifestation of this chakra which is your metabolism and digestion.

Thus, if your solar plexus chakra is well-balanced, you control your emotional and physical responses to others. As a result, you are at peace with yourself and set healthy, precise boundaries for your life.

Further, Manipura stimulates your outer adrenal glands and pancreas. So imbalances in this chakra often involve digestive and adrenal issues such as hypoglycemia and diabetes. It’s also associated with indigestion, eating disorders, and stomach ulcers.


Solar Plexus Balance

With its vital role in your sense of self, willpower, and confidence, it’s essential to recognize signs that your Manipura is out of alignment. Moreover, other chakras will also be affected when the Solar plexus chakra is blocked or imbalanced.

Underactive Manipura

For example, if your solar plexus chakra is blocked or underactive, you may feel:

  • indecisive
  • passive
  • insecure
  • anxious
  • fearful
  • unworthy
  • unfocused
  • disorganized
  • poor appetite


Overactive Manipura

On the contrary, an overactive or overly stimulated solar plexus energy centre often causes feelings of:


  • extreme aggression or competition
  • voracious hunger or appetite
  • fatigue and lethargy
  • intolerance
  • frenzied stress
  • emotional overreaction
Men meditating on a solar plexis chakra

Balancing Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Since this energy center is the seat of your self-esteem and ego, protecting it from imbalance is essential. For example, every time you think a disparaging thought about yourself or put yourself down, you are degrading your solar plexus chakra. With this in mind, nurturing your Manipura with kind, accepting thoughts about yourself is vital.

Furthermore, if you are trying to break the habit of negative thinking, an aromatherapy bracelet can help. First, perfume it with essential oils associated with the solar plexus chakra. Then, place the bracelet on your wrist. And move the bracelet to the opposing wrist whenever you think or express negative thoughts about yourself. If you have beads on your bracelet, move a bead over each time you move the bracelet. Then, each day, try to move the bracelet and beads fewer times for an excellent sense of accomplishment and progress.

Aside from actively working not to impede your solar plexus chakra, you also can address existing imbalances in your Manipura. There are many methods to achieve this balance. For example, yoga and meditation are among the most popular.  


  • Meditate in a room with an aromatherapy diffuser filled with lemongrass oil. Additionally, if you find mantras healing, use them mantras. For instance, Ah, helps open this chakra during meditation.


  • Yoga is another traditional way to open and balance this solar plexus energy center. Again, using select essential oils in an aromatherapy burner can aid your yoga experience. Remember that yoga asanas most often associated with aligning your Manipura are pranayama. For example, the poses which involve a conscious concentration on the diaphragm agnizes kriya and uddiyana bandha.
meditating on a solar plexus chakra with mandala

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