Thought Forms

A thought form is a non-physical entity that exists on the mental or astral plane. However, they can impact us physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Their impact is usually proportionate to their clarity, intensity and force. For example, thoughts centred around entrenched beliefs like religion or politics can strongly influence large groups of people. If not guarded against, these entities can gradually form part of our physicality and affect our well-being.

On the other hand, a positive, energetic entity can serve as a protector and helper if formed with loving intent.

This article will focus on the best ways to create positive thought forms. We also will discuss how to use them beneficially by controlling their energy. Additionally, we will talk about the clearing process for these that do not benefit us.

Thought-Forms exchange between two people

Creating Positive Thought Forms

Thought forms enable a higher level of communication and a more open exchange of will between people. Rather than expressing thoughts with a language, these entities transmit the thought’s perfect image to the recipient. The minds communicate through images, surpassing the ability of words to convey the intended message accurately. Like the spoken word, the thought-form takes on a life of its own as it moves away from the creator. However, the thought-form contains more permanence and impact than the spoken word.

Strong entities that last will require mental focus and desire from their creator. The way it works – the thought form takes power from the vibrations around it, such as the thought we are thinking. Then it gives rise to the form’s shape, sound, and colour. Advanced psychics can see the aura’s colours and understand the emotions and thoughts occupying a person’s energy body.

Weak Thought-Forms

Weak thoughts do not give rise to thought forms. Even if they do, they give rise to weak ones that disappear as quickly as they arise. Perfunctory thoughts that occur hundreds, if not thousands of times over our lifetime produce little, if any, effect. These thoughts may include remembering to turn out the light before bed or bringing the garbage to the road. These minor and only periodically intended actions fail to make a lasting impact.

However, we can use meaningful thoughts to create positive thought forms. These thoughts result from powerful emotions or long-held and sincere beliefs. These thoughts vibrate into the spaces around us and cause intentional or unintentional impacts on those around us. This makes learning how to deal with these entities one of the essential skills we acquire.

thought forms in and around man's head

Making Thought Forms for a Purpose

You can make thought forms for particular purposes. Begin with the end in mind. You should know precisely what you wish the thought-form to accomplish. They are living entities with real impacts, and we should not create them haphazardly.

If we focus on someone for whom we manifest genuine affection and love, a thought form will result that radiates love and kindness. The thought-form may reach the person we focus on, providing them with feelings of warmth and love. It will also release through the surrounding area, filling those close enough with love and kindness. However, it will not transmit the identity or the picture of the person to whom the feelings were initially directed. Instead, the thought-form will subtly transmit feelings of love to those with similar levels of affection or vibration. 

Programming them

Picture the completed thought-form. When determining how to use and program the thought form, think about what you wish it to resemble. First, you can pick something beneficial to the intended recipient. For example, choose an image that conveys love, understanding, and kindness. Next, consider the feelings and emotions you would want to receive if you were in the same situation as the recipient. Now mould your friendly entity accordingly.

You also need to set up conditions that will trigger your creation into action. For example, do you want it to protect someone in a specific situation? Strong energetic forms are only effective when they have precise programming and are delivered with high intensity. The thought form, once created, is an entity that is energetically dependent on you. Therefore you need to make sure it understands its purpose. The more specific and loving you create the form, the more power it exudes. 

When contemplating developing a thought form, you should consider its entire life cycle. At the time of creation, give a it an expiry time or indicate when it ends. Once it completes its mission, it needs to dissolve into nothingness. Working with  forms enables you to manifest protective or loving entities into people’s lives. It also allows you to help loved ones without their knowledge. 

Sending The Forms

According to Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, thought forms assume three shapes. The first is the image of the thinker. The second is the actual physical thing that is the object of the thought. And the third is any image that may express the purpose and intent of the thought. Their manifestation sits at the heart of empowering them for the benefit of you and others. Sending them allows you to send goodwill to someone not necessarily in your physical orbit.

Thought forms can appear in other places or to other people. If a person concentrates intently on another place, they can manifest an entity resembling themselves. People with clairvoyant abilities often can feel the presence of such an entity. And they can see it as the image of the thinker, even if the clairvoyant has no actual acquaintance with the thinker.

The image of the thinker can also appear to another person, sent there by the thinker. This occurs whether the thinker manifests ill or pleasant thoughts towards the object of their focus. The thinker can bestow good fortune and warmth or evil on the object of his focus.

Positive and Negative Thoughts

Thought forms can influence our emotional well-being, as well as our physical health. For example, prayer, warm thoughts, or other expressions of goodwill explicitly directed at a person may help protect them from danger even if the thinker lacks awareness of or dismisses the theory of the forms, the thought-form journeys and performs its tasks all the same.

Evil thoughts can lead to malicious thought forms. These work as inevitably as protective thoughts do. The curse, known in every culture, is one evil manifestation sent to a person. While not all evil thoughts succeed, just as all good thoughts do not successfully protect, the malicious creature is generated and sent. Any evil or malicious thoughts towards a person, even by one not acquainted with this concept, can send forth a dark entity.

A woman Thinking

Working With Them

The thought forms are not abstract concepts but actual realities. The fact that they do not appear in the earthly world to everyone does not detract from their actual presence and impact. Therefore, if you manifest them, you need to understand how to work with them. Thought forms, as entities bring energy to your life. That energy could be positive or negative. Therefore, creating a them with unethical motives or negative emotions will manifest dark energy.

Negative Thoughts

A negative emotion, even misdirected, can create a negative thought form. For example, angry people make negative entities intentionally or accidentally. One can master creating such an entity with harmful or malicious energy. However, there are Universal Laws at play which will set the return of the negative energy to the sender in motion.

We can avoid angry thoughts by letting go of negative emotions and replacing them with positive statements. Meditation serves as an excellent teacher for letting thoughts go. Using affirmations can supplement meditation as a defence against creating negative entities. Affirmations can be short positive statements about the change we want. These statements can also help control the types of thought forms we accumulate around ourselves. Additionally, affirmations may ward off negative thoughts sent by other people. Hence, using mindful meditation or affirmations will prevent receiving the lower vibrations used by negativity. 

Clearing The Entity

Removing negative thoughts is as important as gathering positive thoughts around us. Eliminating negative thought forms clears space for beneficial thought forms to form. In turn, positive energy will help to attract harmony into our lives.

Dissolving thought forms takes time and work. However, it is not complicated. The most effective method is to deprive them of their energy. And then replace the negative energy that supports this entity with the opposing, positive energy. So, for example, an entity created with the energy of pessimism and depression could be confronted with optimism and joy. Likewise, love works against any negativity.

Directing a sufficient amount of opposite, high-vibration energy to the negative thought form will eventually dislodge it. First, however, you must persist with positive thoughts if it tries to rebuild itself. Then, finally, it will lose all the energy it needs to survive and disappear.

Meditation is a great method to use to prevent the future formation of negative thought forms. When meditating, we let thoughts pass through our minds without giving them energy. Meditation is also one of the best tools for changing the surrounding energy. It helps transform or illuminate negative thoughts and emotions. Thus depriving negativity of its stronghold.

A woman in a Meditation pose

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