Water Elemental

Connecting with the Elements through Images and the Affirmation Cards

Water Elemental 

The foundation of life, the Earth, is the most fundamental classical and mystical element. It represents strength, wisdom, and nurturing. Additionally, the Earth is associated with fertility, stability, and peace. Therefore, Earth bears life thanks to the contributions of the other elements: water element, fire, and air. Consequently, it is unsurprising that the elements, including water elemental, have fascinated, compelled, and enriched people’s lives for thousands of years. For example, in the West, the Greeks familiarized the symbolism of water. Furthermore, the importance of elemental water permeates countless eras and philosophies.

Moreover, many religions and spiritual pursuits have acknowledged the significance of water symbols. Likewise, water in alchemy always played a significant role. Additionally, the water element symbol is consistently used in esoteric literature.

Water flower

Symbolism Of Water

Everything in our natural environment, including ourselves, is a product of these elements, including water elemental. Therefore, these elements’ vibrational frequencies play a pivotal role in our lives. Thus, vibrations, or energy patterns, are essential because they can shift our physical, emotional, and spiritual state. Accordingly, the Law of Vibration can propel change in our personal ecosystem. It also can help to manifest our goals and dreams. Of course, connecting with the elements in the natural environment is always the best way to tune into their energy. Reflecting on grass, water elements in a puddle of water, a passing cloud, or a crackling fire brings us joy. But the visual representations of the elements captured in images have their special place in our pursuits.

Water Elemental Images and Water Alchemy – a Path to Self-Discovery, Peace, and Transcendence

I started creating Water Elemental images to facilitate self-discovery and explore water alchemy. Creating these elemental water images brought me on the path to peace and transcendence. I dedicated my first image and video collection to the Water Elemental Spirit.

Fluid and ever-changing, the water element represents purification, love, compassion, and forgiveness. Elemental water is the element of peace and friendship, kindness and nurturing. In certain conditions, the water element is known for its ability to transform into other states of being. Amazingly, elemental water can attract some forces and let go of others. This process is one of water alchemy in action! At times, it is the liquid life force flowing freely through your subtle and physical bodies. At other times, it is still and quiet. In biological terms, the water element is the fluid that courses through our veins, bladders, mucous membranes, and sex organs. Therefore, we couldn’t eat, swallow, procreate or live without a water element.

Water Elemental Spirit & The Sacral Chakra

The life-sustaining water element is deeply connected to the life-affirming sacral chakra. Here are some examples of that connection:

  • The sacral chakra’s energy swirls in the vicinity of our pelvis and reproductive centre, where physical life begins and grows. Plus, feminine power resides here. Therefore, we associate the sacral chakra with Goddess-related energy.
  • Secondly, we derive creativity, passion, desire, self-confidence, and power from this vital energy force. Therefore, when the water element and sacral chakra energy are balanced, we connect well with others. Moreover, we are creative and passionate about life, people, and those we love.
  • Additionally, our well-being depends, among other things, on keeping this energy centre open and balanced. Moreover, we aim to keep the sacral chakra perfectly aligned with other chakras. To visualise chakras alignment, we can use meditation, among other methods. You can support this process by bringing the Water Elemental Spirit into your meditations or affirmations. Thus, using water images to balance and align your sacral chakra during affirmations, meditation, or aromatherapy sessions is a good way of doing it.

Water Elemental Spirit, Symbolism of Water and Aromatherapy

Water Elemental

 Certain essential oils can magnify our Water Elemental Spirit meditation sessions. Here are some examples of why oils derived from plants have a profound effect on us:

  • Essential oils carry their vibrational energy or frequency. Therefore, carefully selected essential oils can work with the energy of your own physical and subtle bodies to bring about better harmony and balance.
  • By anointing your body with the oils that best suit the water element and chakra, you can help shift your energy.
  • Furthermore, essential oils infuse your olfactory senses with inspiring and energizing scents when placed in an aromatherapy diffuser or crystals. Often, this can motivate you to continue to pursue balance and focus on the goals for your mind, body, and spirit.

Essential oils that connect and correspond to the Water Elemental include:

Bergamot, Cardamom, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Neroli, Orange, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Spearmint, and Ylang-Ylang.

For those who want to explore a greater relationship with the universe and embrace the power and grace of the water element, meditation combined with aromatherapy is a good method.


The Symbolism of Water: Meditation on Water Elemental Spirit

Meditation is an excellent way to connect to cosmic universal water elements and water within the self.

Here is one way how to meditate on the water elemental  symbol:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and take a few deep, cleansing breaths.
  • Then, relax and sink into your seat a little more heavily.
  • Decide on your intent or goal and formulate it in your mind.
  • Choose an image that represents your intent.
  • Focus on an image of your choice (you can choose from my collection).
  • Peer at the image until you feel relaxed.
  • Next, calm your mind and stop random thoughts from going through your mind as much as possible.
  • Now you can close your eyes.
  • Picture yourself jumping into the water – an ocean, a lake, a swimming pool, or any other body of water that appeals to you. Think about the water elemental and how it feels. Feel it gliding through your hair and skin, rushing across your face, swirling around your body. Is the water soft, cold, or buoyant feeling?
  • Imagine yourself plunging deeper into the water, then rising to the surface for a breath before diving back into the water.
  • Ask the water to bring your goal into manifestation and visualize that happening.
  • Repeat this visualization several times.
  • Picture yourself emerging from the water onto land.
  • Next, think about how each part of your body feels sequentially exposed to the air.
  • Finally, assume that you have reached your goal now and affirm that to yourself.
  • Imagine drying off, then take a few last cleansing breaths to emerge from your visualization.

The Symbolism of Water in Affirmation Cards

After a few meditation experiences, you may feel more connected to others and the world. Also, your creativity may blossom, and your self-confidence, love, and compassion may similarly flourish. Therefore, meditating on an image can be healing and uplifting. Hence, we invite you to find a suitable picture or short video and venture into your depths.

Choose your Affirmation or Meditation Card that resonates with you. It will guide you to a resolution of the day. Pick the card that speaks to you, or choose one that describes your goal. You can use a meditation technique at the bottom of the page to work with your card. Joyful meditation!

If you want to learn more about healing the mind, body and Soul, we offer books, courses and meditations to help you on your healing journey.