Water Spirit

When considering water element spiritual and alchemical significance, we often link it to sacral energy. This is why we call water the sacral chakra element and refer to the sacral chakra as water chakra. Undoudfully, fluid, and ever-changing, the water element and water spirit represent purification, love, compassion, and forgiveness. Moreover, it is the element of peace, friendship, kindness, and nurturing. Yet, curiously, in certain conditions, this element is known for its ability to transform into other states of being. Then it attracts some forces and lets go of others. At times, it is the liquid life force flowing freely through your subtle and physical bodies. But, at other times, it is still and quiet.

In physical terms, the water element is the fluid that courses through our veins, bladders, mucous membranes, and sex organs. Therefore, without this fluid, we couldn’t eat, swallow, procreate, or live.

Art representing sacral chakra element

Water Spirit and Water Chakra

The life-sustaining water element is deeply connected to the life-affirming sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the energy swirling near our pelvis and reproductive center, where physical life begins and grows. Therefore, feminine power resides here, in the seat and the realm of goddess-related.

Hence, this vital energy supports our creativity, passion, desire, self-confidence, and power. When we connect to the inner water element, we balance sacral chakra energy. This allows us to connect well with others and be creative and passionate about life, people, and the things we love.

Therefore, opening this energy vortex and balancing and aligning it with your other chakras is essential. You can support this process by bringing the water element into your sacral chakra balancing during your yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy routines.

water spirit

Water Element Spiritual and Sacral Energy

Water Spirit and Aromatherapy


Essential oils connected to the water spirit can magnify your yoga and meditation sessions devoted to sacral chakra balancing. However, these oils can also be effective on their own. Here are some examples of how you can use aromatherapy for energy work:

  • Essential oils carry their specific vibrational energy or frequency. Appropriately selected essential oils can work with the energy of your physical and subtle bodies. They also can bring about better harmony and balance. Anoint your body with the oils that best suit the water element and sacral chakra, and you can help to create a shift in your energy.


  • Moreover, essential oils infuse your olfactory senses with inspiring and energizing scents when placed in an aromatherapy burner or on jewelry and crystals. Then this often motivates you to pursue balance in your everyday life. This is because inspiring aromas that vibrate on a similar frequency as the water spirit help you to focus on balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

Essential oils that connect and correspond to the water spirit include:

  1. Bergamot
  2. Cardamom
  3. Chamomile
  4. Clary Sage
  5. Eucalyptus
  6. Jasmine
  7. Lemongrass
  8. Myrrh
  9. Neroli
  10. Orange
  11. Palmarosa
  12. Patchouli
  13. Rose
  14. Sandalwood
  15. Spearmint
  16. Ylang ylang
candle, herbs and oil clearing sacral chakra with aromatherapy
A girl within the water element spiritual realm

Water Element Spiritual Significance in Clearing Sacral Chakra

Yoga For Water Spirit & Sacral Chakra


The more we ponder the water element spiritual role in body and soul alchemy, the more we understand its significance.

For example, the water spirit essential oils used during yoga or meditation can help align your sacral chakra. Aromatherapy also can improve your water element awareness. Notably, yoga and aromatherapy date back to ancient India. Each amplifies the other’s ability to connect you to the natural and spiritual world. Therefore, yoga combined with aromatherapy is a great method for those who want to explore and embrace the power and grace of the water element.

To start, and to bring the water element into your yoga practice and restore your sacral chakra, think about adding flowing, wave-like movement to your poses. Additionally, use the “oceanic breath,” or ujjayi breath. Moreover, the sacral chakra asanas that open your hip and groin area are best. For example, you can practice sitting in the lotus position, resting in the child’s pose, or a downward-facing dog. Other sacral chakra and water element poses include tabletop, frog, low lunges, Goddess, and warrior asanas.

Meditation for Water Element & Sacral Chakra


Meditation is also an excellent way to connect to the water spirit and align your sacral chakra. Here is one water meditation you can practice:


  • First, sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Then, relax and sink into your seat a little more heavily.
  • Next, picture yourself jumping into the water. For instance, this can be the ocean, a lake, a swimming pool, or any other body of water that appeals to you.
  • Now, think about how the water feels gliding through your hair and against your skin, rushing across your face, and swirling around your body. Is it soft, cold, buoyant-feeling?
  • Then, imagine yourself plunging deeper into the water and rising to the surface for a breath before diving back into the water. Repeat this visualization several times.
  • After that, picture yourself emerging from the water onto land. Now, think about how it feels as each part of your body as air sequentially brushes over it.
  • Finally, imagine drying off, then take a few last cleansing breaths to emerge from your visualization.
water element spiritual mandala

Sacral Healing and Water Spirit

In summary, you may feel more connected to others and the world after a few aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation experiences related to the water spirit. As a result, your creativity may blossom, and your self-confidence, love, and compassion may similarly flourish.

sacral energy healing with water element spiritual practice

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