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Energy Healing Courses and Wellness Courses 

Voice of the Silence wellness courses and energy healing training can show you how to improve your well-being. They also can expand your vision. Hence, we created several to choose from. For example, our mindfulness courses offer beginners and advanced enthusiasts practical information. Furthermore, Voice of the Silence energy healing courses teaches alchemical transmutation.
Additionally, our meditation course will guide you to minimize that scattered feeling and minimize wandering mental states. Remember to browse our ebooks, as they can add value to meditation training. Mindfulness is a way of leaving when you focus on the now and make every moment vital and vibrant. After all, we designed all our healing courses and energy-healing training to help everyone improve their health and well-being.

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mindfulness courses, well being courses

energy healing courses

The idea of transmuting pain by helping ourselves by raising energy vibrations and freeing the soul from past and present entanglements falls directly into metaphysics. However, the subtle senses can observe much of what we experience as we meditate, enter into the massive Akashic library and unbind souls from their shackles. As you become acquainted with our wellness courses, you will also understand how to use metaphysical principles in your healing and spiritual practice.

Any healing does not simply mean numbing the pain or finding ways to forget about it. Instead, only by understanding its deepest origins and becoming free of the negative energy attachments that perpetuate it can a person genuinely allow their psychic or soul pain to transmute into revelation, growth and transformation.

Healing Courses and Healing Training

The art of releasing a soul from its negative attachments can be found in the esoteric knowledge held sacred by sages and wise men and women for centuries. It is now accessible to any spiritual seeker or healer willing to expend the energy and take the time to incorporate these techniques into their healing practice. The members of our community are here to offer you all the light, support and knowledge you will need as you enter into this journey of pain transmutation.

Energy Healing Training

We often associate the concept of healing with the physical body. However, it also takes place on the spiritual level. Many religious traditions and philosophies point toward spiritual healing as just as important, if not more so, than curing the body. Thus, in our energy healing training will learn about the following:

  • Energy work and the role of chakras
  • The power of affirmations and other forms of positive thinking.
  • How to tap into the power of our unconscious mind to bring about healing and pain transmutation.

Energy healing cannot take place if imbalance and disharmony exist. Practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and breath control, help to restore the equilibrium of a person’s body and soul. Unfortunately, a frequent source of imbalance is the negative attachments and destructive self-talk that paralyze us and keep us from growing as we should.

In most cases, energy healing is not an instantaneous flash leading to enlightenment. Instead, it is progress, sometimes in fits and starts, over years and even lifetimes. Tasks worth accomplishing take effort and determination, and spiritual healing is no exception. The good news is that our energy healing training is here to guide and support you on this most precious of journeys.

meditation course

mindfulness courses, well being courses

Sit in a comfortable position and open your mind to guidance. Meaningful words can guide us towards tranquillity and focus. They show the way from a density state towards a lighter, energetic state. Our meditation course can also help free your mind from everyday burdens. Scientists are still discovering how meditation benefits our emotional, physical and spiritual health. We know that meditation lowers heart rate, blood pressure, and headaches. Mentally, it lightens anxiety and depression and improves concentration, memory and cognitive function.


Meditation Course and Wellness


In today’s frenetic world of multiple tasks and endless priorities, meditation can provide even the most harried seeker with techniques that will bring much-needed stillness. It also can get focus and separation from the ceaseless chatter of daily life. Only then is it possible to look within? And to explore the spiritual depths that are our inheritance and the key to true healing and transformation.

When we engage in regular meditation, we can relax as the world’s cares slide away into insignificance. The negative thoughts and self-talk that often drag us down soon become nothing more than buzzing insects to be swatted away. We can finally claim our inner happiness and peace with calm and freedom from negative thoughts. Also, we discover our true identity as spiritual beings and seekers.

When you radiate happiness from within, you will effortlessly begin transforming those around you. Good things will start to happen, and positive people will be attracted to you. In many respects, this is the initial step of the pain transmutation process. Our meditation course is as easy as carving out a few minutes each day, but it’s as life-changing as the sunrise.

Meditation Training

Achieving a calm and relaxed meditative state helps you to find insight into your life. It also makes it possible to see the world around you with clarity. For some, meditation is about living in the present, seeing and appreciating the abundant beauty in life. But, for others, it’s a path to the divine or a means to connect mind and body more deeply. Keeping this in mind, we designed our meditation training to help you to reach a more focused meditative state with ease so you can enjoy every moment of your life.

In some ways, our mind is like a child. Unless the child is guided, they will rush aimlessly from one item to the next, never accomplishing anything. Meditation is the ancient art of mastering the child-like mind. Our wellness courses and books can give you a basic understanding of this powerful tool, including:


  1. The purpose of meditation.
  2. Introduction to commonly used techniques.
  3. Using mantras, visualizations, and affirmations can help you transmute pain into joy.

mindfulness courses

When we train the mind, body, and soul, we grow. We take in whatever we feed ourselves, for better or worse. So Voice of the Silence designed the mindfulness course and training to guide you towards self-nourishment. Mindfulness is a life-long quest. It makes life more manageable and enjoyable. However, this practice also builds a foundation for all inner work. And Voice of the Silence mindfulness courses can guide you on that journey.

energy healing training

Mindfulness is Awareness of the Present Moment

At its essence, mindfulness is when you feel yourself in the present. It is also being open and accepting awareness of what you experience. It doesn’t involve fretting about the past or worrying about the future. Instead, it’s a complete and appreciative recognition of what is happening now, at the moment.

Voice of the Silence Wellness Courses and Energy Healing Courses

Our online wellness courses are accessible anytime and adaptable to any lifestyle. You can spend as much or as little time learning as you like. A few hours a day or longer sessions can deliver long-lasting, practical knowledge. So why not learn the finer points of meditation, mindfulness and energy healing with a self-paced course?

Mindfulness: Theoretical Aspects and Practical Applications Course

Voice of the Silence Mindfulness Course

In this course, you will learn how all parts of the mind can function harmoniously to advance your growth. With your outer mind, you will gain quantitative theoretical knowledge, and with your deeper mind, you will use practical tools and techniques to bring about transformation. So we welcome you to come along with us on this richly rewarding journey.

Productivity Course


The Pain Transmutation™ Course

The step-by-step process of pain transmutation enables someone whose spirit and soul are misaligned to reclaim joy and freedom from burdens. In addition, pain transmutation work teaches you how to help yourself or another person understand the attachments, entanglements and karmic debts hampering the soul’s progress. Finally, you will also learn how to free the soul from its tethers by accessing the Akashic Records and putting the knowledge and information you are given into practice.

Most of us spend most of our time functioning on the physical plane. We work, play, raise families, fight and love in this material world. Dreams are the only recognized contact that many people have with the supernatural. However, those who work with energy and understand its healing properties know that the barrier between the material and spiritual worlds is fragile and porous. With dedication and focus, it is possible for any sincere seeker to move between these realms safely and with astonishing results.

If you are here to learn how to transmute your pain or someone else’s into freedom and joy, you will become intimately familiar with the supernatural. You will soon realize that there is much to learn from the unseen worlds close to our physical bodies. Through spiritual tools and techniques, you can learn to tap into the powerhouse of energy, love and strength that awaits you and your clients. Once you stop perceiving the supernatural as evil, scary or out of reach, this realm and those who reside there can become your helpmates as you work to transmute pain and bring about positive change in the material world.

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The Pain Transmutation™ Course,

9 Modules

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The Pain Transmutation™ Course Introduction Module (FREE)

The Pain Transmutation™ Course Welcome Module (FREE)

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 1, the Energetic Construct of Pain. 

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The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 2, Spiritual Protection. 

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 3, The Human Construct. 

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 4, The Akashic Records. 

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The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 5, Hermetic and Alchemical Transmutation Principles. 

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 6, Transmutation Alchemy.

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 7, The Soul Retrieval. 

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The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 8, Mind Reprogramming. 

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Module 9, The Emotional Detox.

The Pain Transmutation™ Course, Conclusion (FREE).

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